What is the best wax you have used?

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  1. if you are looking for a beauty wax pnnniacle souveran paste or for metallic paint use pinnacle sigII.

    if you want durability use collinte insulator wax or double coat
  2. after trying out wet obsession, it looks great on metallic and lasts about 4 weeks with my car parked outside all day in florida.
  3. this is still a never-ending battle lol but i think there are alot of them really but some of my favs are the eagle one nano like said earlier but ive had best results with a thick carnuba liquid paste( i cant tell you the name of it because its a vendors own brand i get from my job) but a thinner competitor is some dupont teflon carnuba
  4. I agree with this post. There are tons of "good" products out there, and what is "best" is going to be based on personal opinions. Lots of people don't like the look that synthetic sealants give, but that doesn't mean sealants are a bad product. I also agree on Megs #16. That was a great wax.

    On top of #16, I also like #26. S100 is a really good "finishing wax" that looks good as a last step.

    Zaino is a great sealant, but I've gotten similar performance out of the more readily available Duragloss. Poorboys EX-P worked well for me as well.
  5. I've never heard of half of the waxes/sealants stated in the last few posts.I get whatever Advanced Auto or PepBoys has available.Most of those sound like you have to order them online....again..avoiding.

    So what would you say the best gloss would be on a white finish? More specific,Ford Ultra White.Came in mid to late 90's Stangs.No.26 seems to work well but the paint still fades even though it's still beading up. (See Single Stage paint fading thread).I know this type of paint is gonna fade no matter what.Just need something to slow it down. And keep dirt and whatever those tiny orange specs are that stick to the paint like super glue.I mean,you get a small dirt spot or dirty finger smudges,I gotta use rubbing compound to remove them.Non clearcoat paint is for the damn dogs.
  6. i dont kno where people get that beading up is a good thing. that just means that the wax isnt good enough if you think about it because if you use a good wax the water dont even have time to bead before it falls off the car. all beading does is createwater spots if you dont get em dried up fast enough. and to let you in on a little secret about white cars bro ^^ if you use a Mr. clean magic eraser pad after you soap it up really good then it will take all the dirt out of your scratches and you wont even be able to tell they were there then seal em up with a good buff with some of your fav wax w/e #,color,brand,price,fragrance,w/e it is as long as u like it.
  7. the waxes you can get from the store are really junk compared to the ones you can order online. They are not as durable, don't look as great and some of them come with cleaners so you can't layer them.

    If you can find Meguiar's professional line at the store, then go for that if you won't order online for some reason.
  8. sometimes you can find those products at liek a sherwin-williams or a place like that. if you have a lowes near you then theres a sherwin-williams close by i promise lol or any painting product store for that matter. bobby joes paint store down the skreet should have something like it. im about to take the buffer to my car today so wish me luck and i might have some pics to show off the results.
  9. Exactly. Most products in auto stores and just the everyday products. If you are serious about detailing your car you need to look online or at a place that sells detailing supplies.

    However, the Duragloss sealant I use is readily available in Carquests and alot of Bumper to Bumper auto stores.
  10. Sorry man, there have been several studies I've seen that have confirmed "beading" is an accurate measure of a wax/sealant's effectiveness.

    On White cars, I've had good luck with the Meg's #16 and Poorboys EX-P. You could also do Duragloss with a layer of S100 on top.
  11. That is a horrible suggestion. Please do not take his advise, all you are doing to do is scratch your car's clear coat/single stage even more. Single Stage (as you know) oxidizes giving you a hazing appearance. What you need is a Chemical Paint Cleaner like Klasse All-In-One or Jeff WerkStatt Prime:STRONG to chemically remove oxidation/old wax. Then wax with whatever you like. One my Crystal White car I love Meg's #16 or Wolfgang Deep Gloss Sealant. Meg's #16 can be purchased still through a Canadian retailer like Cris from eShine
    eShine Canada: RARE! Meguiar's #16 Professional Paste Wax
    Or WG can be purchased through Autogeek.net both look great on white.