What is the brightest light bulb?

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  1. Now that I have the new 4 piece headlights, I want to upgrade my bulbs too. Which is the brightest bulb out there? Any websites or names of bulbs? I have xenon and I dont think they are very bright... is hallogen or HID any better? Thanks!
  2. I've ran PIAA HL Bulbs ($80 a pair)...And Sylvania Silverstars ($40 a pair), and various other ones and the Silverstars are by far the best bulb I've used...Good Luck, BTW, true HID would be the brightest but I think it's too expensive and would be too big of a PITA. :flag:
  3. HID setups cost in excess of $900 when all is said and done, do they not?
  4. :worship: I vote Silverstars. They work pretty good in my new lights.
  5. HID's are by far the brightest and best looking lights but are pricey.....with some searching you can score a set of HID's out of a wrecked car for not to much....but then its up to you to cut up your nice new headlights and install them....or you can buy the ready made kits which do run like $800-$900....i run silverstars and was at first dissappointed because they look yellow when on during the day....but boy are they white at night....and this is through my stock POS GT headlights....im sure they would look 100% better through some Cobra clears :nice:

  6. I've also heard from a couple of other sources that Silver Stars are the way to go... awesome!

    Now, what size for GTs? 9007? Do they make them for fog lights? Thanks guys!

  7. -9007 headlights, 893 foglights... silverstar makes both... but don't do that yet...

    -they now make xenons that are almost the same kelvins as HID... I got a set of 9007 and 893 for $25 on ebay... 7200K temp output... (color temp) and use the same wiring... they look amazing w/ some cobra projector lenses... just make sure they are alligned correctly...

    www.euroeffects.net sells xenons w/ lifetime warranty, but are only like 5200K output... just check around ebay for some 7000+ K output bulbs... and they are still street legal, as long as the wattage isn't more than stock, unless you don't care about that stuff...
  8. actually i could probably get a set of HID's out of a wrecked late model Acura or Nissan for around $300....

  9. the problem with those "cheap" HID kits is they use a universal style bulb, so if you just put it in and go, odds are the filament part wont sit in the same place in the housing as a stock bulb so it wont utilize the reflector very well and actually hurt lighting performance
  10. the best thing to do is get some projector lenses, and some 7000K+ Xenons and call that good... that's the cheapest, brightest (relatively) thing you can do for lighting...
  11. I know people with the projector housings and they say they suck
  12. I have only seen one company that makes projector beams. rode with a buddy that had some in his car and you could hardly see at night without the high beams on
  13. well, look at the new Audi, Highlander, Lexus... those use projector lamps... and they are hella bright if they are behind you... it all depends on the manufacturer like I said... but oh well... I digress
  14. we aren't talking about those now are we, we are talking about mustangs :p
  15. my point was, get a good company, and you get good lights... Lexus, Audi, aren't exactly cheap companies here, now are they...

    -but yes, no mustang comes stock w/ them... so there is a bit of a dilema there too...
  16. Well, I am going to go with the Silverstar bulbs for a start. HID is out of my poor college kid buget hehe. I'll get some pics up later tonight. Thanks for the help!
  17. they use HID bulbs in a projector housing....

  18. YOUR SMILE!! :D