What is the MSRP on the new '05?

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  1. My g/f has been in the market for a new mustang, and we have been looking at '04's, but we haven't gotten anyone interested in her car yet. Sooooo....with the '05s coming out pretty soon (when are they coming out anyways?) I thought maybe we should just wait, and it'll give us more itme to sell her car.

    Our only concerns are, does it have to be ordered, or can we just grab one we like from a dealer? And what are insurance rates going to be like?
  2. Prices are gonna be pretty much the same as they are now. V6's will be below $20,000, and the GT's will be $25,000 to $27,000 depending on the options

  3. Search the forums here. A lot of good threads have been started on these subjects. The bottom line is that nobody really knows the answer to either of these questions.
  4. Ya for the time being this board is speculation city, but there are a lot of educated guesses, not just blind guesses so get some info from here, but just know that nothing is set in stone.
  5. Ive been reading in C&D and MM&FF that a fully loaded 05 GT could be priced up to $30K but the new stang wont be out until this fall so ill wait and see what happens!
  6. Is there any way to get a moderator to put a sticky on a thread about pricing? Since it seems to be such a repeated topic.

    Pricing is not out confirmed pricing will not be made available until August, maybe late July.