What is the norm gear set for our sn95's?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by madams74, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. Is it rare to have factory 3.55 rear gears? The more I read the more I seem to think that most people have much different gearing than this. Why?
  2. I was under the impression 2.73-3.08's in 5 spds and 3.27's in AOD's.
  3. Ford hasn't offered any 3.55 gearing in a present day Mustang until the Mach 1's and 03 Cobra. I'm not sure if they were in the 95 or 00 R's, but I don't think so. The standard axle ratio in 94/95 was 2.73, with an option for 3.08's in stick cars and 3.27's in automatics.


  4. the 00 R had 3.55's, the 03 cobra doesnt have 3.55's, the Mach one does though
  5. I have 3.55 gears. I purchased the Mustang at the dealer in Dec 2001. I went to change all the fluids after I purchsed and went right for the rear diff. The tag clearly states 3.55 gears. I wonder what happened through the years of the life of this car.
  6. pretty common for people to swap them in.. someone probably changed them.
  7. I believe the 95 cobra R had 3.27's
    Its really common to have somebody put aftermarket gears in it but what i can't understand is why the tag on the rear end would say 3.55 on it because our cars weren't available with 3.55's. Are you talking about he metal tag that is on one of the rear end cover bolts? Usually that tag has a bunch of numbers and letters. What exactly does it say?
  8. my green 95 came through with 3.27's and it was a factory 5 speed car. Then again it came from the factory with leather, A/C, Mach 460 but didn't have a rear window defroster :shrug:
  9. yes they do for a fact
  10. Not much difference in 3.27 and 3.55 at all. For years, I thought I had 3.27's but turned out I had 3.55. I'll bet, whoever swapped those was pretty disappointed. :D
  11. I know the fox body styles had the option of 3.55s... a few of the LXs w/ the 5.0 had them and ran mid/low 13s stock...