What is the RWHP for a stock 06 4.2 & what 1/4?

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  1. My ex girlfriend just got a New 06 Mustang & she wants to know some of the first mods she can do to her car to give it some get up & go!

    Also what does a stock 4.2 put down on the Dyno & what is the sotck 1/4 times?

    thanks guys!

  2. Easy, 1st mod is a Free Flow Air Filter, followed by an aftermarket muffler.

    Add a Tuner re-Program to the computer and she's Good to Go ...

    You can spend a lot of money on mods, but these can get you going fast without much fuss .........

    my $.02
  3. Im assuming you mean 4.0 and not 4.2?

    stock hp for a manual is around 180-191 (the range ive seen so far) not sure for an auto, but id take off another 10-15hp?
    quarter mile times for the auto are 15.3 (most ppl gettin in the 15.8 stock, until they get a tuner).
    manual trans ive never seen a magazine time, but 15.26 was my best stock time, and im waitin for the weather to cool back down to check my time with just a tune.
  4. A tuner should be your first mod... especially in an automatic... A tuner will fix a lot of the short comings of the car... like horrible throttle response for a dead stop... much improved shifts for the automatic...

    Check out Alternative Auto's page... they have the dyno sheet for an automatic before and after loading their tune... no other mods... just the tune...


    A tuner will give you the most bang for the buck... if just fixes a number if things... and if you have an automatic you can't even spin the tire with out one...