what is there to tune with for foxes?

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  1. I noticed in ea under maf it has the exact table I need to get started as some others. can I utilize these?
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    I think you can also find it in BE. I should have them hidden on my freewebs site... somewhere... Now that you mention it, I will get them loaded to SeattleBlueOvals.com as well...
  3. cool, I will check it out. thanks again. ed:nice:
  4. Hi guys, I'm also a noob to the whole tuning game and am looking into investing in the quarter horse as well, what are you referring to with the BE/EA
  5. Are you guys referring to the Binary editor?
  6. Yes. it is Binary Editor and EEC Analyzer. You will want these to programs with your Quarterhorse.
  7. Hi sorry for another stupid question but to run a WB do I need any other equipment I know somebody said that you could run it through the EGR if its deleted, if so, how do I do this? Thanks.
  8. Not a stupid question. I use the innovative lc-1 and innovative xd -16 gauge. I think this is the best choice for the quarterhorse. If you are not using the egr than you can wire it into the evp and datalog it with the QH. It is pretty easy and I figured out the transfer function to make it work properly. If you do wind up getting the lc1 let me know and I will help you get it set up. Here are a couple of sites you shpuld be looking at to help you out with the tuning aspect. I applogize to the mods if posting website links are prohibited.

    this one will better help you understand how to get the QH installed and set up.
    EECTuning.org • View topic - Installation of the Quarterhorse on an 89-93 Mustang EEC

    Happy reading.

    I would suggest getting registered on eectuning.org
    my username there is EDS50
  9. Excellent thanks for the help I'm not really sure if I need the chip yet, but hopefully will very shortly. Currently my car is an 88 GT with the MAF conversion done with the A9L computer, 76mm C&L MAF, C&L powerpipe, #24 Ford racing injectors, Walbro 255LPH fuel pump, MSD Pro Billet distributor, MSD 6A, MSD Blaster SS Coil, BBK 70mm Throttle Body and EGR, (the EGR will be getting deleted as I have no emissions laws here) March ram air with K&N rechargeable filter, March underdrive pulleys, 16" electric fan with 160-220f temp controller, full Dynomax exhaust, headers, off road h-pipe, (Dynomax wasn't my choice it was on there when I bought it) and other items not related to the engine, do you think this would have gains when running a chip? Thanks
  10. Think of the Quarterhorse more as a tuner/tuning devise and datalogger rather than a chip. It will work perfect with your set up and any future mods. I run one on my n/a car and one on my supercharged car (though I havent really messed with the s/c car yet). You will be able to tune the car for more power, better fuel economy and much improved overall driveability. the possibilities are endless. IMHO I think it is currently the best tuner out there. Be forwarned though, there is a learning curve with the QH but once you get the hang of it and learn the inner working of the eec you will be in good shape.