what is this doing to my motor??

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 69GTConvertible, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. I have a '69 GT Convertible mustang that is equipped w/a 351 Windsor. It's been in the shop for.....ummmmm.....like 4 yrs. almost. It hasn't been cranked or anything like that. My question is this.....what is this doing to my motor? is it causing any harm or anything?
  2. Before trying to start it, pull the spark plugs and pour a quart or so fo auto trans fluid into all the cylinders. Then using a breaker bar and 15/16 socket on the crank bolt, rotate the crank about 4-6 complete turns. Then before replacing the plugs, crank the motor to flush the trans fluid out , this will be messy, but it will prevent any engine damage from trying to start it dry from sitting so long.
  3. might want to get an oil-pump primer tool and spin it up real good a few times to make sure the cam is well lubed when you crank it the first time.
  4. Are you sure about using auto trans fluid? What does an engine builder do for a brand new startup?
  5. Yeah. Trans fluid is fine. Marvel Mystery oil, or something thin that will seep into everywhere along the ring lands.