Electrical what is this?

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  1. hey guys....I'm fairly new to the classic mustangs. I found this box under the hood on the drivers side up near the front. What is it, and what is that wire that is clipped?

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  2. voltage regulator. not sure about the wire but probably the radio noise suppressor.
    what year is the car?
  3. voltage regulator? The car has a newer style alternator. 1965
  4. if its a single wire alternator then the voltage regulator is not in use.
  5. That's your basic voltage regulator. Yes, alternators use VR's too either external like this one, or internal if it's a newer model alternator. The wire that is clipped is for the VR's condensor. It is needed on mechanical VR's to absorb the excess current when the contact points on the relays open and close.
  6. what is a mechanical voltage regulator? Do I apparently not have one? Everything seems to be working fine
  7. Mechanical VR's use electromagnets and contact points to regulate the signal to the field windings of the alternator. Newer "electronic" VR's are solid state.