what is up new to the site but not new to mustangs

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  1. What is up new to the site. I have a 01 cobra that is my every day driver also have 3 more mustangs. 02 triple black GT, 65 coupe this is our show car, and a 79 fox body that i am building but is on hold due to needing some money to finsh. I have been into mustangs for 18 years got my first mustang in 1995 a 1992 coupe lx 5.0 built that car into a 10sec car ran a best of 10.79 at 127mph sold the car and built a 1996 mustang GTS never got to the track sold that car due to a dick ass cop that pulled me over and kicked my ass for no reson then he pulled me over to the next 2 months so sold the car and got a truck it took 10 years to get back in the mustang thing. I got back into mustang thanks to my new wife at the time so i think this is going to be one hell of a ride :nice: