What is up with the used cobra prices??

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  1. I've been looking at 96-01 cobras, thinking about buying one. Is it just me or does everyone with even a half way decent used cobra jack up the price like crazy. I dont get how alot of these people are getting these prices from. Has anybody else noticed this????
  2. Like how much. i looked at a real nice 97 last year for 11k. I didnt think it was that bad.
  3. All the 97-98 that are real nice that i have seen are like 14 grand and i even seen a dang 94 cobra today that was in good shape but nothing great for friggen 11 grand
  4. the older cobra's are most likely jacked up from people seeing svt coming to an end. the terminators were going up for a little bit already just from demand, and summer time around the corner.
  5. understandable, I guess I'll just save my dough and build a fox body, I've kinda wanted to do that for a while anyways.
  6. very good idea:)
  7. I just saw a private seller selling a '99-01 Cobra for $15k obo. meh. Looked good to me.
  8. There is a '95 Cobra convertible by my house.

    Black top
    Black Paint
    Tan Interior
    5 Speed
    ONLY 6,000 miles

    The car is for sale for $16,000