What is your favorite album of ALL TIME?

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  1. I got 3 thats up there

    Korn-Take a look in the mirrior
    Gigantic brain-the invasion chronicles(doubt anyone here has a copy)
  2. Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon. smoke a couple bowls and throw on darkside and I'm in heaven:banana:
  3. Bloodsimple - a cruel world

    Pantera - vulgar display of power

    Metallica - ..and justice for all and master of puppets
  4. Metallica - Live ***** Binge & Purge Seattle.

    Sweet music to my ears
  5. Oh you are not alone...........seen them several times..................Perfect circle :nice:

    You need to make a burnout vid to "Prison Sex":p :D
  6. Guns N' *****in' Roses-Appetite For Destruction
  7. anything from pantera rocks.....gets you in that dont mess with me driving attitude!!! lol i got so many cd's...i think i need a ipod....it would make life so much simpler...is that a word lol?:shrug:
  8. Ive been listening to a band called Dragonforce alot lately. They are awesome to listen to while driving. The guitars are ****ing insane.
  9. I know, I know. :(

    So much to say, so little web space.
    A lot of changes lately dude, a lot of good, but nothing life changing.

    Some I don't want to list in fear that the community may look to kill me :(
  10. Echoes....Pink Floyd..

    Im not a greatest hits fan but this is an exception. Pink Floyd is the greatest Band ever their CDs pretty much dont leave my CD player....
  11. I dont really like to listen to Pink Floyd Greatest hits CD's but I will. It really depends on the song. One from The Wall or Animals needs the rest of the album for the full effect.
  12. I would normally say yes but they did a goo job with echoes. The problem is that when you listen to a pink floyd album it tells a story and the Hits CDs lose that. Or maybe Im just a burn out.....

    But hell you cant really just pick one album with Floyd....How about the Pulse Video I am forever listening to that at work on my computer...

    I really like... High Hopes, Time, Set the Controls for the heart of the Sun, Learning to Fly, Speak, The Wall 1,2 , Money, SOYCD 1-7, Young Lust, Hey You, Breathe, Have a Cigar, Welcome to the Machine, Wish you were here,

    Have you seen the Australian Pink Floyd Show...:nice: Very good show
  13. Sounds like you need some Animals in your playlist. Ive seen almost all of the Pink Floyd video things. Im am currently downloading Live At pompeii and Dark Side of the Rainbow. Ive seen them before but lost my copies.

    And whats this Australian stuff you speak of?
  14. Its a tribute band but its one hell of a tribute...


    If your a Floyd fan your gonna enjoy the show...I like all Floyd..Live at Pompie is a nice show...Pulse is the cream of the crop as far as live shows. Is Dark Side of the Rainbow the Wizd of Oz Dubbed.
  15. Ahh. I went see a trubute band called Us and Them a while back. it was awesome. I loved it. I was SO wasted. :D

    And Ill check out the aussie thing. And yea, thats the Wizard of Oz thing.
  16. Can you send me a link to where to down load it safely.
  17. Do you use torrents?
  18. they won't kill you. I'm sure you could use the $$
  19. Nope:nonono: Dont even know what that is...
  20. Ok, well if you want to use them (you can find ANYTHING on them) download Azureus. Thats what opens the torrent file. Then go to somewhere like www.torrentspy.org and search for what you want, and download the torrent file. Its a VERY small file. Open that file with Azureus. Then it will connect you to peers and download.
    Ive gotten around 100 GB's of stuff off torrents.