What kind of driveshaft/U-joints above 600 hp?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by GI Joe 97/02, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. In the words of my son "I sowy." Now GET TO WORK! :D
  2. yea that avatar on you new website look suspiciously like his trademark avatar.........hhmmmmmmm
  3. Mark Williams stuff is the chit..All the top Pro-mod guys use his stuff.Jeff is the one who got me to use it.He had his stuff on his 6 second pro-mod.

  4. A 6 second 60' isn't all that impressive. :rlaugh:
  5. how about a 1.03?


  6. :nice: show off. :)
  7. Heck... All I want is a correctly balanced driveshaft. I think Tim has a $150 aluminum can of mine in one of his dumpsters. :)

    Too bad the people I bought it from no longer exist. :(

    If you decide to move to a carbon fiber setup, Dave, I might know of someone that will take yours off of you.....
  8. I want the crome moly.......i think i need it a 1/4 " longer to eliminate the need for a spacer with the TKO....
  9. Higher...its cheaper than the fiber one..........
  10. What type of drive shaft and u-joints???? ....ones that you replace at least once every season. :p

    I have heard of aluminum ones breaking at the track myself too.

  11. Hey, if you're not breaking something every other time at the track, you aren't making enough power, Dave. :D

  12. Check your email bossman.
  13. Oh, so that's how you guys gauge how much power you have. I haven't broke anything yet, so I guess I don't have enough power....hehe
  14. I just decided.....I'm stepping up.....then we will see where my weak link is...I'm ready to "let her fly"

    Where's that "Austin Coil " of mine anyway........you got that shaft on order yet.......?
  15. Just throw some slicks on. :) You'll break something eventually. :) I'm still on training wheels(DR's) :)
  16. Hey I hear you got that Hot Rod Cobra of yours super tuned?