What kind of driveshaft/U-joints above 600 hp?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by GI Joe 97/02, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. Yeah, after the catback, Tim changed the timing for me and it dynoed with a good bit more power even with a lower A/F in 30 degree weather. My catback actually gave me gains close to what the manufacturer states (with the right tune, thanks Tim).


    Numbers were 431rwhp/456rwtq STD, now... (see sig)
  2. "Dat boy csho can tuna cah"
  3. speaking of breakiing stuff....here's a run when Tim and you came to visit last time.....I had those 3 burned cylinders...makes you wonder what she would have done running on all 8. we learned alot that day... You can also see that by the last run we had the burnout figured out and the suspension dialed in very close.....It should have run 10.99-11.2 that day...."next time Gadget"..............

    GI Joe

  4. Very impressive Dave. :nice: I wonder if I could post it somewhere else?:D
  5. yea but it would be best to down load it and then upload it to the new site instead of linking... :D
  6. OK I r clicked to watch it so no prob. You get my email?
  7. " You Guy's "
    Don't Ya see the road your on. ( Pro Mod) It starts out to be a street
    car than BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

  8. :) Did you get that KB car going today and Andy's turd running?

    To keep on topic, that kb'd car had a nicely balanced driveshaft. :)

  9. I thought Tim was the only one allowed to play on the internet :shrug:
  10. Charlie get my block done? :D
  11. Was it one of the Mark williams ones?

  12. I was at Tim's today and heard the KB car running; it sounds really different form our blowers. Andy said it sound like two cats fighting. :rlaugh:
  13. No way man. Street car all the way for me (trying to keep from raising the bs flag). Jimmy V refers to it as the slippery slope........once you start slidin' you just can't hardly stop!:D
  14. I thought it sounded like a broken record albeit a cammed out broken record that would spank my cars butt....

  15. The setup looked great under the hood. Very clean and sharp, but to me it sounded flat out annoying. Andy put it best..... "sounds like a cat in heat".
    I like the whistle of the Vortech, ProCharger, and Novi, instead of the flat out whine of the KB. Again, nice setup..... just not for me.
  16. I talked to Jeff about the sound and he thought that the small pulley they had on there contributed to the sound. I've heard some 5.0 liter KB's and they didn't sound quite that loud. It did look like a very clean setup. I like the fact that you can access the tensioner w/o alot of effort...
  17. I agree. I actually mentioned that to Tim as well, about the custom 8-rib setup making it even louder than normal. Folks.... it's loud.
  18. Sounds like an old 68 camoro with a BIG 871 blower on it...:)

    I like it..Would be annoying on a long trip,but damn its gonna turn some heads.I wish the owner would let me make it "cam",but he wants a smooth idle so 950rpm it is..Camming and that growl,holly chit would it be wicked.I like the setup,but give a a BIG F2m any day....:)

  19. We're only talking about how it sounds in boost right?(the whine) The KB doesn't make any noise at idle does it?
  20. We're talking at idle.... It doesn't sound anything like an 03 Cobra. Much louder...