What Kind Of Gains???

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  1. I have a 2006 Gt Auto (rather have a stick but this is what I've got) and I am planning on sticking with N/A. My plans are to put some inexpensive longtube headers, an offroad x-pipe, CAI, underdrive pulleys, and a tune. My question is how much power will these all together produce? Whats the best way to tune the car (mail order or a shop tune) if I'm just looking to make the car more fun to drive and not necessarily race it? Lastly, 3.73s or 4.10s Any advice/comments/answers would be awesome!
  2. If you add CMDPs to the above plus a custom dyno tune, you could gain as much as 45-50rwhp.
    Gears? Since your car is an automatic, I'd say 4.10 but you'll also want to upgrade the torque converter e.g. TCI 3000rpm stall.
  3. CAI go with a JLT Gen 3. It has the largest MAF housing available. Dyno tunes will always perform better, but you're going to be paying $150 an hour. As for the gears, it really depends on how much you drive. 4.10s can be noisy, too.
  4. Thanks guys the opinions and advice is very much appreciated. I want to go with 4.10s but I drive about 75mph to work every day... What do you think?

  5. only when not ahimmed properly. There is no reason one gear ratio makes more noise than any other except for faulty installation
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  6. Even with 4.10s the engine will still be turning at a fairly relaxed 2800rpm at 75mph (43% of redline engine speed) and, because you'll be able to maintain the same cruising speed with a lighter throttle, gas mileage will be virtually unchanged despite the higher rpm.
  7. Your first mistake is "inexpensive " long tubes. If you're gonna do it, do it right or don't bother.
  8. You might also want to consider any tire changes with that gear ratio decision.....going from stock 55 series tires to 40 or 35 series for added tread width can effectively turn that 4.10 into a 4.30 ratio.