What kind of Oil do you use?

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  1. What kind of engine oil do you use and why? Is synthetic worth it?
  2. mobile1 pure synthetic. Because it's the best.

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  4. Mobil 1 is DEFINETLY NOT the best. It's the best CHEAPEST synthetic you can get and you can get it at wal mart for like $20-25 for 5 qts. Make sure you get the 5W30 and not the 0W30 if you get Mobil 1 because the 0W30 is junk. Check out my post its on here called Royal Purple motor oil. It started a huge debate/arguement especially between me and this Uncle meat guy. Amsoil would be best but it is expensive, royal purple is just as good. Check out www.amsoil.com or www.royalpurple.com their both great, royal purple is a tad cheaper than the amsoil. Mobil 1 is also good but not near as good as amsoil or royal purple. It comes in 2nd behind amsoil is the tests but 2nd is more twice as bad as what amsoil is so thats not saying much really and that is why I said if you do get mobil1 make sure you get the 5W30 because that is the one that finished 2nd behind amsoil (keep in mind royal purple was not tested in that test) anyway everyone has there own prefence most people use mobil 1 and are so diehard about but its your car and your money so just pick what you think is best for you and your car and im sure you'll be happy. That's why I bought royal purple for the first time yesterday :nice:
  5. Mobil One --- If its good enough to be in porsches, corvette, etc....... Its good enough for my cars
  6. Amsoil 5W30 all the way :)
  7. Mobil 1 is very good, in fact that is what we used in our radar antenna gearbox while I was in the Navy. Now I'm using Quaker State synthetic for high horsepower engines (5W-30) and it costs half what the Mobil 1 does. I don't know how much difference there really is though... :nice:

  8. Why does everyone always say that? WHO cares what the factory puts in porsches and corvettes? Of course there going to put in a synthetic. You think they are going to put in a high top quality one that cost more or use a synthetic that isnt 1/2 as good as amsoil? No because they're not going to waste their time paying more and waiting for the amsoil or royal purple. Mobil 1 is cheap and you can get it basically anywhere. Here look at this graph from amsoil (royal purple not tested because it would either beat amsoil or be just as good and royla purple is a dollar or 2 less than amsoil that is why they wouldnt test it) The mobil 1 0W30 is way at the bottom of the list and this is tested to the amsoil 0W30 now the Mobil 1 5W30 does come in 2nd right behind amsoils 0W30 and if you notice 2nd isnt really all that great. SO mobil 1 is a good oil if you buy the 5W30 but not near as good as it competiters. :owned:
  9. Oil

    Mobil 1 5W30
  10. hey if i could go to costco and get amsoil or royal purple for $23 for 6 quarts then id get it, but considering costco is less than a minute from my house, and noone in SB carries amsoil or royal purple, ill keep using mobil 1.
  11. :scratch: Graph? I suspect it's something like comparing the horsepower on 6 different motors that range from 402 HP to 418 HP and blowing up the graph with 400 at the bottom and 420 at the top. Of course they will always exaggerate their products because they have to convince you that their product is worth 2X-10X what their competitors charge. Bottom line, don't believe everything you read, particularly when it is posted by someone wanting to part you from your money. :nonono:
  12. i just use what the manual suggests, motorcraft 5w20.
  13. mobil 1 in a streetcar

    redline or royal purple in a track car
  14. I use Royal Purple, even though my car is hardly ever on a track :nice:
  15. then mobil 1 is more then u need, u should switch and save some cash
  16. I get it @ wholesale so cost is not a big deal. I dirve my car pretty hard, daily....so I like to treat the car right when it comes to oil/maintenance :)
  17. The BEST is AMSOIL. use the oil and filters. The filters are built alot beter than fords. They are thicker metal and better filter than ford. Also Amsoil Makes a 5w20 whitch is recomend when it is under warranty. Amsoil is Great to deal with also. Mobile 1 is nowhere near as good as Amsoil and Roral purple!
  18. Red Line 5W-30 here. :nice:
  19. Mobil 1 , synthetic 10W30
  20. amsoil synthetic