What kind of Oil do you use?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Mike98GT, Feb 21, 2004.

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  2. Look krly79 OBVIOUSLY a mobil 1 user who gets pissed when people diss the cheap stuff cuz they buy the real deal :spot: :banana: :lol: :rlaugh: :nice: :owned:
  3. You've got some serious issues dude. :nonono:
  4. :rolleyes: So you actually have NEVER even used the stuff.
    You act like you've been using it for years. :shrug:
    I'm sure amsoil is good, but I'm not gonna get in a debate
    over a oil that I just bought yesterday. :nonono:
  5. For those of you that change the oil by yourselves, how do you dispose the old engine oil?
  6. Thanks for the info guys. My next question is 5W30 or 10W30 and why?
    and elkid, take your used oil to the parts store.
  7. The cheapest I can find. Why? Because its cheap! :nice:
  8. feed it to the dolphins, haha jk. i take it to my school and dump it there, also there are gas stations around here that will take it for a couple dollars.
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    Yeah just throw it over your yard and shoot anyone that looks at you doing it :D
  10. Aren't we forgetting something guys?. you guys didn't even ask how much mileage does he have. if he got more than 50k on his engine, synthetic would actually bad for the engine doesn't matter what brand.

  11. Read the tests and look at the graphs :owned: Good enough for me to use it :nice:

  12. Also HotRodding Magazine, HotRod Television, Horsepower TV all gave good reviews on Royal Purple and those guys know what they're doing so I'll take the Royal Purple. Also would recommend Amsoil and have never used it because I do believe what people say about it from their own use of the product. Also would recommend Mobil 1 ONLY the 5W30 though because the 0W30 is junk because everyone is so diehard about it on here and they have nothing but good to say about it. But I would buy ROyal or Amsoil before Mobil 1 but Mobil 1 is cheaper and you can get it at Walmart for cheap so...thats awesome. Just my 2 cents. :nice:

  13. You can take it to Autozone, Advance Auto or TrakAuto and they will dispose of it for you.
  14. Castrol 5w-20
  15. Synthetic bad for an engine with over 50k miles? :shrug: Where did you get your info? My stepdad used Royal Purple in his 88 Ford truck exclusivley. He had 210,000 miles when he sold it and it is still going.

    I use the least expensive syn I can find. Whether it is Mobil1 or Castrol or Valvoline.

  16. Yes I agree here, that is just an old myth about switching to synthetics. Hell you can even mix synthetic w/ non synthetic. www.amsoil.com www.royalpurple.com those would be my top choice
  17. i ask one guy at the store where i bought my oil and he asked me how many mile does my car had. He said if my car is above 50000 miles i should used 10W30 because the thickness of these oil or something like that. And he told me that the 0W40 is for new European car. That's all he told me.

  18. Yes Im the one who has problems cuz I go and take peoples quotes and change the wording around. :notnice: Get real Krly79
  19. Royal purple amsoil are the best... Big deal ya know... But why pay that... They are meant for cars with alcohol and everything else... For a street drivin vehicle yeah it will work fine will you get horsepower increase I dont think so... I have been using castrol syntec for almost 4 years and I change my oil over 6,000 miles everytime... My 97 has over 110,000 miles... Runs like the day I bought it... As long as you put oil in your car your fine... This is almost as stupid as saying prestone antifreeze outperforms peak... There is other things to think about it when it comes to this... Like High volume oil pumps and so forth...