What kind of Oil do you use?

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  2. So, basically what I'm getting here is that I should use Amsoil or Mobil1 5W30, and if over 50K miles use 10W30. Right?
  3. New Mobil 1 0W-20, NOT 0W-30--the OW-20 is made for newer fords and hondas that recommend 5w-20... Also, about horsepower TV and those other programs, those guys are going to say good stuff about Amsoil and such, b/c they are getting paid advertising dollars to recommend their products...only trust independent tests...trust me! Don't always believe statistics, they are easily manipulated.
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  5. Just my opinion

    I use a lighter oil in the winter so that it lubes up quicker. In the summer I go to a heavier oil. In the winter the oil tends to 'thicken' due to cold weather so a lighter wieght will lube up quicker. In the summer it tends to 'loosen up' so I go with a heavier oil.
  6. I used Motorcraft 5w20 and changed my oil at 1k, 3k, and 6k miles with it.

    I switched to Mobil1 5w30 at 9k miles and change it every 4k miles (always with Motorcraft FL820S filter).

    I have used this process with each car my wife and I have owned since 1992:

    1992 Honda Civic DX (sold with 75k miles)
    1992 Honda Accord EX (sold with 76k miles)
    1995 Honda Civic EX (sold with 142k miles, dealer asked me if the car had been on a treadmill because it ran like brand new)
    2000 Ford Expedition (sold at 45k miles)
    2002 Ford Expedition (sold at 42k miles)
    2003 Ford Mustang GT (currently has over 37k miles)

    The big deal here is the 95 Civic. I busted a spark plug off in the head at around 97k miles on it. I had to take it to a mechanic (Honda/Acura) to get it fixed, they had to remove the head. The owner of the shop asked me what kind of oil I used, and I asked "why, was there something wrong?" He told me that the engine internally looked like it had 25-30k miles on it, and that it looked great and clean.

    When I traded it in, it did run like new.

    I just use it becuase it has worked for me. I don't think it's the greatest thing, but I can't argue with past performance. I think the main thing is changing it regularly. If you do a lot of city driving, then change it at 3k. If you do a mix, then 4k. If it's mostly highway, then maybe push it to 5k miles.

    JMHO, but I think if you changed it every 3k with a decent oil, you should be fine. I just like to use the Mobil1.


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  8. Ok I showed graphic proof of how good similar oils are. I got it from the amsoil website. Did you post any info/proof or anything in this entire thread except for an opinion? No. So until you do....think before you speak grasshopper. :lol:
  9. I have been using Royal Purple for about 20,000 miles now and like it just fine.
  10. Like it just fine relative to what? Do you really think if you had been using some cheaper oil for the last 20,000 miles, your engine would have sieized up or started burning oil? :rolleyes: Just kidding :D

    I run 4 1/2 quarts of Mobil1 0W20 in my 2001 GT. Don't like to run it overfull!
    Haven't blown my engine yet and have put over 135 1/8th mile runs at the strip on it. But I only have 4600 miles on the car, so who knows whether it will make 250,000 miles or not!! :rlaugh:
  11. Whew, this looks to be getting a little ugly! I just found this site and hope most of the threads aren't like this.

    Here is my opinion. This is based on racing both circle track and road coarse for about 10 years. (not that that means much)

    I have used Royal Purple. According to our engine builder, it actually made HP difference on a dyno. We used it one time and decided not to use it again. It is so "watery" it scared our crew chief, so we didn't use it again. I do know racers who swear by it.

    Amsoil seems to be ran by two different types of people at the track. The ones that are independent dealers, and guys who are sponsored by an independent dealer. I personally don't know many that run it. I have not used it, but am turned off by how hard of a sell people put on it. I'm in sales, and really great products don't need that kind of pitch.

    We normally run Redline and/or Mobil 1. We have never had an engine failure due to the oil we run. We do change oil very frequently though.

    With all that being said, until now, I pretty much always take my Excursion and my Acura to Jiffy Lube every 3K miles. I think they usually put in regular old Pennzoil.
    Since I just bought a new Saleen I will probably use either Mobil 1 or Redline (whichever happens to be on the pit cart at the time). I don't expect to have problems with either.

  12. I spoke to a guy that builds circle track motors, and he said that Royal Purple is good for about 5 HP on the engine dyno. He also said that you have to change it often, because the benefit doesn't last long (only a few hundred miles), then it is just as good as Mobil1 or equivelant.

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  14. Give me a break already. First of all I see no graphics in any of your posts. Second, posting "proof" from the Amsoil website claiming that their oil is the best only proves that they have paid an advertising agency. Anybody can post anything on a website. What would you expect them to post on their website "Gee, Mobile 1 is the best and costs less than half what we charge...but buy our oil anyway"? I don't think so. If you want to prove that Amsoil makes the best oil, find an independent source that thinks so, preferably one that isn't going to benefit financially from making that claim. :nonono:
  15. I used mobil one synth. the first time i changed my oil, but the last time i changed it i went to vavoline syn power. I love it. Car runs better and costs less than mobil one.
  16. I'm not going to start a oil war here, but I honestly read that if you kept the oil changed on schedule, a synthetic really offered no advantage over a conventional oil, except for better flow at colder temperatures. In my honest opinion, unless you have some seriously built racing engine, conventional oil changed regularly will do fine. I tend to throw a bottle of Lucas in with mine at each oil change though......

    As far as synthetics, if I were going to fork out the dough, I would go with Amsoil or Royal Purple.....that's just my opinion......not that it's worth anything, just my opinion. I usually just run 10w30 Mobil conventional in mine.......go figure.

    Good luck!!
  18. I use whatever I'm in the mood for... today I picked up 7 quarts of motorcraft syn...
  19. Motorcraft changed every 3 months..good stuff.
  20. I couldn't make up my mind what oil to use So i just said screw it and took out my oil pan bolt and just run with no oil. Lil water and Tranny fluid is cool with me :banana: