What kind of "power" do you other NA guys get?

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  1. Just a curiosity question, but in a thread I saw in a search a few days ago, someone was talking about their stock (I believe) 2.3 and mentioned peeling out. Maybe its just me, but unless we're talking "Oh $#(@ my car has a lousy turn radius and I screwed this U-y, quick reverse it then throw it into drive before getting massacred by the marvellously patient people of Northern VA." and you get a little squeak of the wheels, this is by and large quite an alien phenomena to me.

    When my car started going really screwy the first time, I dealt with it for a few weeks. That started to suck, so I got vengeful one day, popped the hood, doused the whole engine bay with Orange Blast, scrubbed it, then attacked it with a hose on jet blast setting. Let set for about 15 mins, then started it up. A wierd thing happened, it would drive like it normally did, then it would feel like something "opened up" and it would get more power when I pressed on the gas than I normally did. It got more sporadic as I drove, and by the time I started the car again later that evening, it was gone. Vacuum hoses got replaced later, as well as a broken thermometer, but I still have yet to feel a power gain like I did that time.

    So this has turned into a two pronged question.
    1. Can any of you NA guys actually do any form of peeling out (doesn't have to be 20 foot tire marks, even a squeak counts).
    2. Given my car cannot in anyway shape or form do this and generally feels like it is being hindered by something, does that mean something is screwy with my car? (Besides its cast iron internals and it isn't turbo)

    I'm starting to suspect a blown headgasket, as there is fresh oil on the exterior of the block after I cleaned it (which has been done 3 times, and looks almost new). So that's gonna be fun.

    At any rate, do you guys suffer from the same dilemma, or is something wrong with my car? And yes, it is sadly an a4ld :bang: so that probably affects it.

    All comments wanted and appreciated.

  2. Yes, i can peel out. For a good two secounds or so.
    Never really tired, till one day i got pist, jumped in the car and floored it. no tellin how high it reved for that to happen though. Wouldnt recommend doing it to many times lol

    btw: N/A 2.3 and power do not belong in the same sentence.
  3. one day when got relly mad i reved up my car 2 about 35 hundred and poped the cluch and i spent the tires pretty good i was shocked that my car did it sinc normaly it does not even churp
  4. My 2.3L N/A 93' Mustang has enough power to get out of its own way :)

    Since its a 93' its got the most hp I think of the n/a's at I believe 105. Its a A4LD and 120,000 miles so I proubly lose half that before the rwhp. So far I've installed a new exhaust nothing fancy just a : 2" with a turbo muffler and a high flow cat, leaving off the per-cat ( looking for a ranger header now). With the new exhaust It still just has enough power to get out of its own way. I'm in the process of making a CAI for it along with a GT MAF with 19/lb injectors. This will help out the 2.3L DP when its gets rebuilt and a ported & polished head. I'm shooting for 150 hp which is reachable. At that I may can sqeacka tire for .005 sec lol. I'm still working on the turbo convertion for the DP-DIS. :shrug:
  5. i can squeal 1rst, and chirp second....one time i got a little peap from 3rd...course i have a 5speed, that a4ld is your problem....that and it being N/a ;)

    my n/a mods are
    ported & polished intake side of head
    gutted upper and knifedged \ port matchd lower intake
    Cone air filter (no air box! buahah)
    roller cam and roller rockers froma ranger (my car being an 87,didnt have those features :p )

    5.0 vert front sway bar
    tc rear sway bar
    and a lil weight reduction (a/c deleted, spare tire removed)

    not a bad car for fun, but turbo here i come :)
  6. I have a 91 a4ld and if i hit it hard enough i can get a good squeak out of it, but i did rebuild the engine a couple a weeks ago so my power is hopefully back up
  7. Wéé, fun. Allright, well it would seem the fault is my engine. I guess I have alot of things going against me. According to Chilton, that car makes 88 HP at ~3300 RPM, and 122 ft/lbs tq at 3?00 RPM. It just seems odd that I can't even make the things squeak at all. I've got this mystery white smoke coming from under the hood, I can see it when I'm driving, but if I open the hood and look for it, even with the motor on, I can't trace it. That plus the oil problem I mentioned. Actually, I'm going to take this part of the thread and repost it as a new one concerning this issue, hopefully I'll get a few more answers.

    As far as the a4ld, its pretty much f|_|x0red anyway, the modulator was broke when I bought the car, and that tranny dipstick is a joke, so it turns out of course that I'm running my car two quarts low. This manifested itself as slipping out of gear and generally not working properly. Aamco fist said it was shot and would have to be replaced, then changed their mind and said it looked ok, but could last 6 years or 6 days. Shifts hard, slow to get into reverse, etc. etc.

    Oh well. Thanks for the input.

  8. i can burn thew 1st 2end and chirp 3erd this is with a stock 2.3 with manual transmssion
  9. i can burn thew 1st 2end and chirp 3erd this is with a stock 2.3 with manual transmssion :D i was pretty impresed the first time i tried
  10. yeah I never really tried I just stood on it in first and shifted it kept going but i let off, because I had to stop at another stop sign :nonono: