What kind of rims are these and what kind of material are they.

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  1. ive been looking everywhere nd cant figure out what kinda rims i have or the material they are. i wanna try to first blech them to clean them but also dye them black. if u have any clue what they are can u tell me.

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  2. Those are called "Polycast" wheels.

    Steel, with some sort of foam rubber stuff on the outside, and plastic center caps.

    IMO they're crap.

    If you want them black just paint em.
  3. yea those rims are hideous, i wouldnt even waste my time or $$$
  4. i cant stand them either. i picked up 2 centerline solids for the back, but my tranny blew so im stuck wit these for now. after i wanna get ponies=)
  5. pony's will make the car look so much better dude
  6. Little late there, tip top.
  7. Only good thing the polycast wheels are good for is resisting being cracked when hitting a curb accidentally. My 86 Capri had them from the factory. I put 16" turbocoupe "snowflake" wheels on it and it made a MASSIVE difference. Cost me a whopping 100 bucks for the wheels. The tires were free!
  8. Those are Ford standard wheels for 85-91 LX Mustangs 4cin-V6 Mustangs and LX 5.0V8 LX Mustangs. and LTDs LX V8 models.