What kind of sound system & alarm is everyone running?

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  1. I'm just curious about what kind of electronics everyone has in their stangs, and if they're happy with how they preform.

    I have a '90 GT with:

    Alpine CDA-7995 h/u
    MB Quart RSC-216 components
    Soundstream Reference 300 amp w/ 100 watts x2 (front channel)
    2 old school RF Punch 10's in a sealed box
    old RF Punch 40.2 amp w/ I think 40 watts x2 (on subs)

    the subs & amp came with the car... sounds great for being old stuff with so few watts, actually puts out decent bass, but soon it's being replaced with the system from my old car:

    1 Audiomobile MASS 12" sub, sealed box
    ESX Q1752 amp (briged, 575 watts)

    Everything sounded great in my last car (Acura), very loud and awesome sound quality on any kind of music, I swear by Alpine now. I probably didn't spend over $1500 on everything so it was well worth it... I'd totally reccomend any of those brands. Actually I always am, tho ESX and Audiomobile stuff is a little hard to find these days. :(

    No alarm yet, I need to find a good one soon to protect it. Any reccomendations?
  2. Sony C90, running through a Sony 210EQ, with a Sony CDX 828 changer, all running optical.

    PPI A300.2 and PPI A600.2 (these are the Art Series amps they don't make anymore).

    Focal Polykevlar 6 1/2" components up front, and two a/d/s 312rs.2 12" subs.

    Absolutely happy with it all.

    As for alarms, keep in mind that the most important factor is the install. That said, anything by DEI (Clifford, Viper, Hornet, and some others) would probably be fine. Audiovoxx makes some quality stuff, Autopage...there are plenty of them out there, just depends on the features you want and the money you're willing to spend.
  3. And a very clean install as of the last pics I saw of it. :nice:
  4. Wow... nice setup you have there, that must sound amazing. Any pics of the install?

    I was looking at all those alarm brands... thanks for the advice. :)
  5. Thanks, but I think you might be thinking of the previous setup:


    All the current equipment was purchased after that stuff was stolen (except the subs), and the install changed to this:

  6. here is a pic of mine with 2 kicker solobaric L7's (10"). 800X2 amp pushing them.


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  7. I manage a car audio store in my town and I just bought an '02 GT. My head unit will most definately be an Eclipse unit(CD8454), I already have the Eclipse point source components ready to go in, an Eclipse 4 channel amp, and then in about a month, one Eclipse Titanium 12 inch sub with a box designed on BassboxPro, and an Eclipse amplifier pushing the sub...That's one setup I am considering...The other would be all Diamond Audio with the same head unit(TDX 12 inch sub, HEX components, and D5 amplifiers) Either way I go it will be sure to please me, just so hard to decide!
  8. Currently I dont have a HU(My kenwood mask broke) but plan on getting the pioneer 860p. CDT 6.5 components up front, no rears, kenwood 150x2rms amp powering the components. RE SE 12" sub out back soon to be in a fiberglass spare tire well enclosure powered by a jbl 600.1
  9. Those D5s are some nice lookin amps...and a TDX would just be a lot of fun.

    I had a set of the Hex components, 6.5" with the silk tweet. Really enjoyed them. Still have the speakers, actually. Do you know happen to know if it's possible to buy the crossover for the set separately?
  10. I've got a Pioneer premier head unit, Kicker components & tweets up front, k-series in back. Autotek 5 channel amp, 75X4 for the highs and mids, and 350Watts for the sub. Currently i've got a Memphis 12 because I got it soooo cheap. But will eventually get a Kicker comp vr probably. But my mids/highs are awesome and the sub pushes pretty good and im very happy with it. Might get a new head unit in the future, but am very happy right now.

  11. Stock Mach1000 system and an autopage RS-855LCD will be going in sometime next week.
  12. Yes it is possible to buy the component parts separate. Where are you located?
  13. pioneer AVH-7500DVD going to be installed friday after thanksgiving :D ... now i have a panasonic HU, Infinity components which include:

    6 tweeters (2 in the doors, 2 in the rear mach deck, 2 kick panels)
    4 2way 5x7's (2 in the door, 2 in the rear mach deck)
    2 5.25 woofers in the kick panels

    All interior components are powered by 2 Audiobahn 600 series 4 chanel amps and a 1.5 FARAD stinger cap. My trunk has:

    a custom built box with 2 infinity reference 10's and 2 6.5 2ways. Subs are powered by a 1000 watt kenwood amp and 1 FARAD cap.

    To protect all of this i have a CodeAlarm 2 way pager alarm.
  14. Im running two 10 inch elcipses with a kicker kx350.2 on the way is a pioneer deck asnd in the future are 2 8" L7's. 98stangV8 how did you fit those L7's in the trunk of your stang.? did you have to rip out the back seat because the enclosure must be huge.
  15. That looks nice! I like the running horse! :nice:

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  16. i have an alpine alarm, old school. but system bumps to these notes. two 12" alpine type r's, pioneer 3 ways 6x9's, two kenwood amps, one running my subs, which is a mono sub amp and one running my 6x9's and soon to come 6.5 infinty components. i havea pioneer premier head, other than that my system bumps very very hard
  17. I'm running a Clifford Concept 550 with Intellistart4 added on. Don't mess with my car :p

    So far the features are: remote start (on a 5spd), dual zone digital prox, dual zone shock, starter kill, ignition kill, hood pin, custom siren, light flash, blah blah blah...basically you aren't getting my car without a rollback. soon to be added to this is a wireless fuel pump kill, and perhaps the new digital tilt i was told about. which would bring it up to 2 dual stage and a single stage sensor, and 3 kills. yeah...try me.

    System is:
    Pioneer Premiere DEHP550MP
    cerwin vega front stage (soon to be replaced by MB Quart components)
    stock rear stage
    Alpine MRP M350 subamp
    and a Infinity Perfect 10.1d in a custom built 1cf port tuned 32Hz enclosure
  18. I've changed up all of the equipment in my car, and have assembled a group of old school electronics to do my new install. All of this gear is something I always wanted when I was really deep into 12v and sound competition, just couldn't afford it back then:

    Eclipse 7002 video monitor
    PPI PAR-245 parametric eq
    PPI FRX-322 crossover
    2 Phoenix Gold MS-275 amps
    1 pair Mb Quart PSC 216 components
    3 JL Audio 10W0-8 subs
    All JL wiring, optima red top

    Should perform well, and those amps just look so pretty upside down under plexiglass! Hope to finish the install over the winter while the car is resting..

  19. thanks! It is 1/4" tempered glass with the horse sandblasted in...
  20. Did you do it yourself? If not how much did that cost you?