What kind of sound system & alarm is everyone running?

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  1. Oh yeah? How hard does it bump? Like Bumper car bump or getting bumped by a Mack Truck bump? :rlaugh: :stupid:
  2. that real looks kind alike an airsoft gun, the seem between the two grip halves makes it look fake. To my knowledge there is no airsoft glock 21 though
  3. i got a kenwood 915 screen
    alpine type-r 61/2s and tweets
    infinity tweets
    cheap pioneer 6x8 back speakers
    2memphis hpo 12"s
    jbl 1200
    kenwood excelon
    kenwood 10 disc changer
    2 red tops and a bat cap (100farads)
    200 amp alt
    1/0 wire
    and tryin to figure out how to use my house alarm on my current code alarm...

    all this equals a loud ****** that sounds good

    its pretty clean if i ever get some time ill take some pics one day
  4. Ahhh, its a real Glock 21, try and jack me and you'll see :rlaugh:
  5. Within the next few weeks I will have all of the following installed in my 02 GT
    Deck - Alpien CDA-9835
    Multimedia Manager - Alpine PXA-H701
    Door Speakers - Alumapro ALC Custom 3 way components.
    Kickpanels - Alumapro ALC 5.2
    Center Channel - Alumapro ALC 6.2
    Rear - Alumapro ALC 6.2
    Subwoofers - Alumapro Alchemy DVC with custom suspension
    Amplifier - Speakers (Center) - Zapco 750.2 1
    Amplifier - Speakers (Front) - Zapco 750.2 1
    Amplifier - Speakers (Kickpanel) - Zapco 750.2 1
    Amplifier - Speakers (Rear) - Zapco 750.2 1
    Amplifier - Subwoofers - Zapco 1000.1 2
    Capacitor - Alumapro Special Edition C.A.P. 15
    Wiring, Interconnects, and various installion products - Tsunami
  6. The Alumapro stuff is killer. Matthew (their engineer) made myself some 1 off free-air 10's that are truely amazing. Their components are nice too. They image well and their off-axis response is great. Mid-bass keeps up with the best of 'em - they just need to break in a bit. After a week or so they will sound alot smoother and more natural. Are you getting the hard or soft dome tweets? You can choose either with Alumapro.

    I kinda stubled upon Alumapro and IMO - they are the best kept secret in 12v. If they had a marketing dept like some other companies they'd dominate the industry.

    Currently I'm running:
    -Eclipse 8443
    -a/d/s 345is components
    -2 Xtant P500a quasi-parametric EQs (soon 3)
    -Xtant 2100c - old school 2x50w
    -Xtant 4180c - old school 4x45w
    -Xtant 3300c (?) - depending on the new Alumapro Flag-Ship components
    -2 Alumapro 10's (free-air) - these things are butter!
    -Alumapro 5 Farad Cap
    -Monster Cable
  7. I am an Alumapro dealer, so they actually made me my own series of subs...I will have a custom suspension thanks to Matthew, and our SPL vehicle will have the same. I am actually getting both hard and soft dome, and will decide when we get in the car what works best. I own a car audio shop, so I have nothing but time. I am currently working on getting some custom Mustang and Cobra subwoofers made, for the members who are into their systems as well as their cars. I notice you are near them...I would love to be in the Chicago area just so I could have more contact with them...I have to wait until CES to meet everyone.
  8. Near them? They are 10min away and the owner lives in the same town my shop is in. We've been an "unofficial" Alumapro/Rainbow dealer for some time now and the best part is I call them in the morning and I have my product by the end of the day. Their service is great. And b/c their stuff is made right, we've had ZERO warranty issues.

    See ya @ CES!
  9. Ken, Diane, Matthew...everyone there is awesome. The Mustang is starting to look like the vehicle we are taking to CES, so you will get a chance to see it in person. I am lucky to have such a good relationship with them, and the fact that Rainbow is one of the most well respected SQ speakers arond doesn't hurt one bit.
  10. The alarm I use is in my sig. Thing is the best thing in the world. Everyone sees my keychain and is like "HOLY F WHAT IS THAT?"

    Google for it if interested.
  11. 2.5 is a good one...i have the 791xv on my Truck, and will probably put a 691 on my GT.
  12. Absolutely great alarms.

    From the 15th floor of my college dorm, I can press the button, and it will hit my car in a lot about 1/4 mile away. Unreal.
  13. Audio stuff in sig. Alarm is a clifford 2.5x matrix. Bought an installed on employee discount at bestbuy. Made it a reasonable price.
  14. I have a Viper 350HV I think it is called. Mostly got it for the keyless, and the hatch pop. I trust it because it says it is from Directed Electronics Inc., or whatever company that the Cliffords are from, since I had a Clifford on my old car.
  15. no sound system, but I'm running a DEI avatal alarm system. Works well since I only drive the stang about 10 short times a year!
  16. i tried to birdge my amp and i can only bridge one sub what is wrong or what did i do wrong