What Kind Of Top End Kit

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  1. You can get an entire Explorer motor from anywhere from 250-400 at a JY. Top end probably under 250. Just call and ask around.
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  2. By the time you part out the explorer chit( they are super popular with early bronco guys) you've almost made your money back.
  3. Personally, I really like the idea of an explorer engine, and I would definitely go this route if/when I build another 5.0. People sometimes regret putting money into something and then wanting more power later, but the explorer motor with the right peripheral parts is gonna put you in the 260 rwhp range at low compression, which is perfect to max out the block's limits with a pump gas friendly 15psi at somewhere around ~500rwhp.

    In my mind, you can spend a lot of money on top-ends and strokers but you'll always be limited to the block's potential. Unless you're set against forced induction, save the money on that stuff and build or buy a good intercooled turbo kit. You're going to need to address other things first like the drivetrain, suspension, brakes, fuel system, etc... And during this time you could just enjoy the explorer motor's power.

    Another beautiful thing about this idea is that you keep things cheap so you never have that much money at risk if you blow up the motor.
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  4. whats wrong with your motor? why worry about an explorer swap when you can add h/c/i and be done in a day
  5. i would upgrade even on a stock engine
  6. Just read the latest 5.0 rag, where one vendor did a complete H/C/I- X heads, Cobra intake, E cam. TB, MAF, injectors, MSD, etc. and made.............. 271 rwhp/318 rwtorque...........guessing about 10-15 more than my low budget explorer top end swap. I know they were going for a certain "Cobra resto" theme, but for throwing almost $3000 in parts at the car, I'd be very disappointed.

    My first combo was almost this one. Cobra/GT40X/comp cam made 270rwhp/310rwtq
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  7. I think I might of asj ed this already might be a dif thread but what would I need to do to the explorer engine to work in my mustang
  8. And is there decent used turbo kits out there?
  9. theres always on3 kits around for about a grand, but id just buy new in that case. I've seen a few HP kits in craigslist, but they seem to have some issues with some pieces as well. Whatever you end up with, you'll definitely need to do sme modifications to
  10. Buying a used turbo kit is like driving on the highway at night without your lights on. Unless you see it running and know exactly how it is going to fit on your car, you are taking a huge gamble. There is also much more fabrication and work needed to install one vs. a supercharger.
  11. Idk it just sounds like a temp thing I don't want to have to changr engines twice a year because I keep blowing them up from the turbo. I would rathher piece some top end kit together get a 331/347 block prob a stroker. Throw that in the car and then save for a turbo or superchsrger. When I get the block byilt I just get forged internals that way I'm ready to go all out.
  12. A 500+ hp mustang especially an older model like mine doesn't seem to reliable as a daily...I know no rebuilt motor is good for reliability but I would feel better having a nice car with a nice new well built machine under the hood. I wouldn't get the same feeling with a jy build. If all I cared about was gofast chit the jy would be the way to go.
  13. I do plan on keeping this car forever or atleast a really long time
  14. On the used turbo kits: hellion would be the best since they're still in business and you can get replacement parts, b&g is another good company. HP put great kits out there but isnt in business now, and I wouldn't run an incon kit anymore.