what kind of wax?

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  1. so i was wondering what kind of wax you guys use on your car? i use Mothers and love it but is there anything better out there i have a dark shadowy gray mustang. aslo post some pics please.
  2. try this stuff i heard it works great:
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    i think its made by........ pot-roast inc. or something like that.
  3. ZAINO!!!!!!!

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  4. hey nice stang did u buy there kit? or did u just buy certain product from them?
  5. MEGUIARS NXT GENERATION TECH WAX :nice: it is great stuff!!!!! best i have used. :nice: got it a target for around $15.00 brings out a nice deep color in the paint. try it, you wont be sorry. good luck :D
  6. I just got eagle one's nano wax it seems to be nicer than meguiars gold care IMO.
  7. i will probley get flamed for saying this but NXT is the best stuff i have used. I dunno but i like it the best. There is somethign about ordering wax off the internet and paying 100 bucks for it that just does not feel right for me. I have tried zaino it is nice but for that price i dunno
  8. i hear ya!!!!!!!! the nxt is just as good in my opinion. saving 85.00 is nice as well. my car looks great!!!!!! :banana: zaino smaino :D
  9. You need:

    A bottle of Dawn dish soap.

    Meguiars #7 Glaze

    Meguiars #26 Carnauba Wax

    Bucket, applicator pads, finishing towels.

    First, strip the car's paint of any wax, etc. with the Dawn dish soap and water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.

    Second, follow the instructions on the #7 glaze and apply.

    Third, apply #26 over the glaze and prepare yourself for an unbelievable shine.
  10. I like Zaino
  11. It may not be the best wax out there but...
    It's really easy on the hands if you have somewhat sensitive skin like myself.:nice:
  12. Zaino topped w/ S100 :drool: :drool: Im going to be trying out some of the Clearkote products pretty soon :nice:
  13. I used Zaino polish and Rain-X wax last time. Works well.
  14. All of these waxes are great waxes/polishes. You cant go wrong with any of these that people suggested, i just happen to use zaino because i ordered a bunch of the stuff back in the "stangnet zaino craze" about a couple of years ago. :D but i dont think i'll use anything else on my car...
  15. Here's another vote for Meguiars NST Gen Tech Wax. Easy on, easy off, no residue, slicker than slick when finished. Available everywhere. :nice:
  16. I use the Mothers products to and to be honest, they are the best I have used. I say stick with them if you are getting good results. Might try claybaring your car if you haven't yet.
  17. what do u guys think of mothers i love the stuff?
  18. clearkote vanilla moose hand glaze topped with poorboys ex-p :nice:
  19. As I said above, its the best so far that I've used. Thats saying something because I've used Meguiars professional products as well as multiple 3m Products. For a black car and for the price, you can't beat the Mothers products. Their 3 step system is pretty good and so is their claybar.

    I recommend the following:

    1. Wash the car with dawn soap. If after washing there is still soap residue, just wash with water.

    2. Claybar the car. The mothers kit is good but then again, there's also a good one offered by Clay Magic that is easier to get ahold of.

    3. Use Mothers step 1 - Prewax cleaner. This will help remove any old contaminats the dawn dishliquid and claybar may miss. It will also help to remove spots and scratches as well. You can use multiple coats of this if you wish, just don't use it after adding any other polish or wax to the paint as it will remove them.

    4. Mothers step 2 - Sealer Glaze. This is a polish and a glaze. It will help to enrich the color of the paint and will hide swirls and scratches with its polishing oils. You can use multiple steps of this as well. You can also use it after you apply the wax if you wish as its designed to penetrate wax.

    5. Mothers Carnuba wax. This is a pure Carnuba wax and will seal the work you've done and protect the car. If you want extra protection, you can do double coats of this for best results. You can also use it as often as you'de like. I'de do it once every 3-4 weeks for best results.

    NOTE: Be sure not to wash a car with dish liquid or any other harsh detergent cleaner after you've put polish or wax on a car as it will only strip it and break the polish and wax down.

    If you have any questions, just let me know.
  20. i like meguires gold class wax, seems kind of hard to get off tho??