What kinda forum is this now

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Slow5.0, Jan 3, 2004.

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  1. What kinda forum is this now any why, old one is better "for me" and easyest
  2. Give it some time, they are upgrading again to a different version.
  3. cool should be interesting
  4. I like it.... but then again, who am I?

  5. I thinks it's cool also. Never hurts to change or update...
  6. It's freakin' me out too. I got on bout 15 minutes ago and I thought it was the wrong site. lol :shrug:
  7. can someone help me out? im looking for this really great site called stangnet.com. but everytime i type it in the address bar, all i get is this boring baby blue colored web site. thanks for the help :rolleyes: :(

  8. Man this new format sucks......
    It takes me twice as long to look at the threads.
    My dial up service is slow but Holy S**T you bogged down my computer. This is the man reason I did not use the Corral Forums.
    I really hope you can compile the information better for us dial up users otherwise I will have to set an alarm clock to even chat on this forum...

    Very disappointed forum user,
  9. well kinda good to hear someone else thinks its slow, i thought my computer was getting jazzed up,

    its really slow now!!!!
  10. Me too

    I want old forum back :worship:
  11. You guys still have dialup?? LOL The internet isnt gonna stop progressing for the guys stuck in the stoneage!! :banana:
  12. yeah im on a cable modem....it may be a hint slower(i plan on going for the gold member upgrade soon anyway) but its still fast....
  13. I have Cable :p
  14. well that throws my hypothesis out the window :rlaugh:
  15. Well, some people are forced to use dial up, like my parents as they do not have cable, let alone DSL where they live. I am actually getting cable on monday... wireless here I come!!! I must admit that this new form sucks right now on my dial up.
  16. ::::all bow to Lord Paul::::: :hail2: :worship: :D :rlaugh: :lol:

  17. well, I have cable too, but now I can't have my downloading program open in the background if I want to be able to use this page at any decent speed... it's slow as mollasas! (bye bye kazaa... hello stangnet.... not too bad of a trade off... but I still liked it better before...)

    -but, like all things, I can get used to it I guess... I just don't like not knowing where the people are posting live... they removed that info...
  18. yeah it is a bit slower with the cable. its weird i like parts but i dislike other parts. i cannot decide on which is more important.
  19. It's only been installed in the last few hours, give it some time for tweakage and it will be much better...PATIENCE PEOPLE!!! LOL j/k, but like I said, things will be changing for a few days probably.
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