What kinda gas I can use on Drag strip

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  1. Last time on Drag strip I use 93 octan gas and NOS octane boosters (stuff from Auto Zone ) , so question is can I use again that on not , and is that bad fo my engine or not

    I use off road formula 7 points


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  2. i always used 93 octane at the track, no octane booster or anything and haven't had any problems with pinging. Just try 93 octane without the booster, and if it doesnt ping then you dont need to put the booster in it. I also think if you run too high of an octane its bad for your engine but not sure :shrug:
  3. i have seen as high as 115 octane at a drag strip, dont know if it would be safe to run though.
  4. Seeing your set-up in your sig...there isn't a need for the octane booster. I ran 93 octane with NOS octane booster for about 1.5 years straight and run 104 octane now, but I run mid 11s also.

  5. when I am racing I use 100 octane when I am driving around town just 93 octane is all I will need.
  6. I forget to tell you guys , first time when I run two months ago I run on 93 octan and flow masters mufflers and I run 15.1 , second time when I run few weeks ago I use 93 ostan + booster + everything in sign ,and I run 14.9 :( , maybe octan booster is bad for my engine
  7. It's not BAD for the motor, its just not helpful.

  8. I saw lower times and mph increase when I went from 93 to 98+NOS O/R Formula. Now I'm running Cam2, 107 octane, but I haven't gotten to the track with the 107 yet. But then again, I'm running a blower. I don't know how much NA, without high compression, will benefit from high octane.
  9. I have helped tune a car that has run high 11'[email protected] MPH naturally asperated (traction problems) using 93 octane pump gas. Weight was 3134 without driver.. and fuel tank almost empty.
    I hear people talk about it all the time. Locally, I have gotten into MANY arguments.

    There is a LOT of trial and error in going fast. You change somethin in the car... doesnt have to be a part. We are talking about timing.. fuel pressure.. tire pressure.. ect. If you pickup ET or MPH.. log it down in a little notebook. If you loose anything (alwayse make at LEAST 2 runs to be sure) change it back.

    Remember.. speed isnt alwayse found in the motor alone.

    Speed is directed by the rear wheels... and there is a LOT of stuff between them, and the gound! :) :flag:
  10. My best time I've run is 2.112, 13.265, 109.95(60', ET, MPH). My fastest MPH is 2.166, 13.305, 111.66. Both of those runs I had 98octane + NOS oct boost which lowered my ETs. ALL of my runs are traction limited as my suspension is setup for turning, stiff as hell, and short sidewall tires. I know my times should be alot lower if my suspension was setup right but oh well, I like lateral g forces too much. I'd like to see what I can do with this Cam2 and lower air temps.
  11. All an octane rating is on gasoline is the fuels resistance to detonation. I use octane booster at the track on my supercharged car only as another layer of detonation protection. On newer cars, the engine might boost timing or lean out the air fuel ratio past stock points when you are running octane booster because of this increased detonation threshold, but that is the only way you will pick up horse power using it. On the road, use the gas that your car is tuned for. Anything better is just a sop for your car based paranoia... which is common among drivers of modded cars. This is the long way of saying it will not hurt your car.

  12. I agree with just about everything said. However.. octane deals with the fuels resistance to burning actually. Detonation or pre-ignition are often created by hot spots within the cylinder. A higher octane fuel can help eleviate the problem of preignition on such an engine by 1.. a higher octane fuel requires more heat energy to ignite.. and 2. the flame front of a higher octane fuel progresses down the cylinder more slowly. We are talking fractions of a second here.. but thats all it takes.
    Detonation is precisely what it says.. the fuel explodes.. rather than a steady downward burn. this is hard on piston rings.. main bearings. and in extreme cases.. the piston itself can fail.

    Anyway... as stated above, newer cars have electronic knock sensors that pull timing out of the engine to limit spark knock. Our mustangs do not have this luxery.
    The best fuel that you can use in your car.. is the lowest octane you can get away with.. without having detonation problems.

    Too much octane will actually decrease the engines output.. due to the slower flame front within the cylinders.

    anyway... run the lowest grade fuel your engine will tollerate.
  13. The octane boost will allow you to run more timing. Advance your timing as much as 16* if the octane boost keeps the detonation away. Some octane boost will foul up O2 sensors if used all the time (the race stuff) the street legal stuff is fine for everyday driving.

  14. This was the best post here and said just about everything I was going to. A good rule of thumb is to run the lowest grade fuel your engine needs, just like was said. If your car isn't pinging or anything, run 93 and be done with it.