what longtubes are you guys running?

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  1. Just wondering what longtubes you guys have....I cant find any websites that sell a BBK shorty o/r H for 94-95 cars. For those of you running LT's, what midpipe do you run?
  2. BBK ceramic longtubes with a BBK offroad H pipe with a little cutting done to it:)
  3. See Sig ;)

  4. MAC ceramic 1 3/4 Long Tubes w/3 inch collector, MAC 3 inch (black) Prochamber, MAC 3 inch Flowpath Muffs w/3 inch chrome tailpipes. Great sounding system. Headers look spanking new still. I would recommend ceramic or jet hot on headers. If they aren't coated then your wasting money.
  5. i run mac 1 5/8 LT's and their off-road h-pipe but its getting ready to come off due to my hp turbo kit.
  6. MAC 1-3/4" Ceramics 3" collector and Dr. Gas 3" to 2.5" X-pipe and some old a$$ MAC cat back.
  7. mac 1-5/8" ceramic longtubes, 2.5" prochamber, flowmster american thunder catback

  8. why are you wasting $$ if they arent (ceramic) coated? my headers are aprox 5 years old and look "spanking new still".