What lowering springs ride the best?

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  1. I want a 1.5 inch drop on my car what springs look and ride the best?
  2. I have come to the understanding (Maybe wrongly?) that ride quality is more dependent on the shocks and struts than on the springs. Is there some merit to this?

    Personally, I have Kenny Brown springs and Bilsteins all the way around and have pretty good ride quality for how firm my suspension is. However, the Bilsteins were freakin' expensive and took me like 2 months to get from Kenny Brown.
  3. well they are not a 1.5" drop at all but i would imagine the best riding springs would be the FMS C's....

  4. hey also post pics of your cars lowered
  5. I think that past a 1in. drop, ride quality will decrease no matter what you do. I am planning on getting steeda sport springs (probably). Theses are about a 1-1.5 in. drop. i know alot of people that like eibach though. i have heard completely different amount of drop from eibach's though, so i couldn't tell ya exactly how much these will lower.
  6. I've had Steeda springs in the past and liked them. Now I've got Eibach's (put on by a previous owner) and I don't care for them -- bone jarring on hard bumps, which we have plenty of around here.

    If you have the cash, I'd look at a matched setup -- ideally, the starter box from Maximum Motorsports. Includes H&R springs, Bilstein shocks/struts, CC plates. Kinda spendy tho, but this is a case of you get what you pay for :nice:.

  7. I also have the Steeda sport springs and could not be happier with them. The ride with the shocks/struts is much firmer, but not jarring over potholes. The drop looks great and the good handling is great.
  8. does anyone have H&R Super Sport springs? these are the one I think I want
  9. how much is that MM starter package that you're talking about?? i am looking for a good set-up also. i have kind of decided on steeda sport springs, tokico 5 ways, MM caster/camber plates, X2 balljoints. Is the MM package better than this?

    p.s. i have a friend that has eibach springs (pro kit) and his car rides extremely hard. Plus, the eibach are quite a bit more than the steeda sports.
  10. The MM starter box runs about $1050-$1100 depending on where you buy it. All of the parts are premium stuff -- H&R springs ($225), Bilstein shocks/struts ($625), 4-bolt camber/caster plates ($200), and urethane spring isolators ($90).

    I would say that the MM package is definitely a step up from the steeda/tokico package. As with everything, it's all about what your goals are and how deep you want to reach into your wallet to get there :D.

  11. thats not much more than the set-up i am planning on: Sport springs ($190), MM plates ($200), tokico 5 ways ($530).

    those bilsteins aren't adjustable though are they???

    maybe i should just get the sport springs and some cheap spring/struts from autozone and put my money into other mods..

    i just don't know....i'm too picky..
  12. The Bilsteins are not adjustable -- but ask anyone who has them, and you'll find that they don't *need* adjusting, so that's okay. I have never heard one complaint, apparently they are really worth every last penny.

    I just picked up some cheap Mach 1 (Tokico) shocks & struts, and next year sometime I'm going to get a Maximum Motorsports setup. Probably coil-overs & Bilsteins.

  13. HairyCanary is right. Have you ever examined a Bilstein strut up close? Work of art comes to mind. You don't need to adjust them, they adjust themselves and it takes the guess work out of it. Not to mention they have a lifetime warranty. :nice:
  14. I have some on right now, and you couldn't be more right, Dave. Worth every penny.
  15. This is not totally true, at least not on my car. Using an Eibach Pro Kit with Bilsteins all around, it did get stiffer, however small bumps (not talking 1' pot holes) you don't feel (unlike the stock setup where you felt everything). Overall ride is smoother and tighter, I don't have a server to post pics but if you want some give me an email addr and I will be more than happy to send you some (I have to take my car out soon so I will be able to take new pics).

    As far as bilsteins not being adjustable like the tokicos, there is a reason that they cost more. They are a far better manufactured shock/strut than any tokico's and you definatly can feel the difference between them. There is a reason that high end cars use them and you don't have to fuss with them to get them to be soft or hard, they do it themselves.