What makes an 03/4 Cobra look so good?

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  1. The stock GT 99-04 sure looks good but there is somehting about the stance and presence of the s/c Cobra's - they just look real 'bad ass'. Is it just a simple case of different bumpers (front/rear), bonnet, wheels and duck tail spoiler. Or where there other body/strucual changes that affect the appearance of them?



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  2. A big visual difference is made by the mirrors being color matched rather than ABS plastic. Also, the tires are 30mm wider, the rocker panels were shaped differently to change the shape slightly and a I believe a slightly lowered ride height.

    You mentioned the bonnetts, another big visual cue is the height of the hood which is slightly deceiving due to the vents but is quite a bit higher (thus chunkier looking) than the GT.

    Bottom line, a lot of little, subtle changes create the affect.
  3. It's funny you say that because that's how I feel too :). When comparing mine to an '05 Stang GT, which I really like, I feel the Cobra's just look more "bad ass".
  4. They look mean because of what they don't have, ricey wings and showy ground effect panels that do relatively little except impress the impressionable. Limited badging and rep goes a long way to those in the know, they command respect from the right people and others just don't matter. It's like guns, the guys that don't show their piece until it is hammer time, command more respect, than any idiot who wants to show you their chrome play toy, to impress you. The terminator is a weapon and should be used with the same maturity and discretion.
    That said, I need to sneak out of work early so I can do burnouts in the executive garage... hehe

    - 04_snake
  5. Good stuff. :D
  6. I think it's mostly the rockers that make it look better...I don't like the rocker sills on all 94+ mustangs before the 03 Cobras...the 03's are just much more cleaner looking...

    And add that sleeker front and rear bumper and the hood and the wider wheels/tires and you've got a total package...
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  8. When you drive the 03/04 Cobra you will know why the look so good and run so well!
  9. This is crazy, but I just ran out and looked at my car and sure enough that sill plate is a heck of a lot cleaner than the other mustangs. I never noticed that before.
  10. I think that it is a lot tougher looking car than the new GT. I have parked next to them for comparison and there is just something about it that exudes toughness and power over the '05.

    I like the new Mustang well enough, but I think that they have made it too soft looking. From the front it looks pretty good. The side and back profiles are just OK. It just looks too pretty or nice.

    The '03/04 Cobras have an edgier style. Front, side or rear, it is better than the '05.

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  11. I was looking through a MPH magazine today and they had the new Shelby next to an 05 GT and wow what a difference. The 05 looks like a puppy, all soft and cute. The new Shelby has a much meaner look when they are right next each other.

    I am not gonna knock the car (the 05) but they do not do it for me. Something about the size of the rear quarter. It seems huge. :shrug:
  12. Before you start ripping on wings, you should check this out.


    I have run against this car at willow springs and it is one BAD AZZ car. If you think the car is amazing, you should see the driver. She has no use of her legs. The car is all controlled at the wheel. Quite the set up! She is one of the best drivers I have seen. I have seen her make passes into turn 1 that would make your nuts go up so high they would never come out!
  13. Big wings on actual race cars are one thing. Gay wings on front wheel drive cars make no sense.
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  15. a lot of it is mental too i think. knowing that a cobra has 130hp on a GT makes it that much more appealing.
  16. No, nothing mental about it. They look different and SVT designed them that way.
  17. I think Cobras look way better than GTs.
  18. Im comin from a 01 Zinc Yellow GT, to a 04 Screaming Yellow Cobra Coupe and the difference is night and day! I was also one of those "stang lovers" who was caught in the struggles of choosin' the ALL NEW 05 GT orrrr the 04 Cobra for my future ride, and well, guess my decision speaks for itself! The Cobra just looks so mean and beefy compared to the 01 GT and the new 05! Love that front bumper on the Cobra! The black really bounces off the yellow background through out the car. The back bumper Black-out valance adds a subtle yet aggressive look to the rear and adding the COBRA inserts does the trick!! :banana: NICE JOB SVT! :hail2:
  19. Nice Cars Nate SVT. Damn I love Orange AND Yellow mustangs. Are those blurred PA plates I see? Where are you in Pa?
  20. I'm in a struggle right now to go ahead with a 03/04 Cobra or hold out and try to get my hands on a New Shelby Cobra. Decisions...Decisions