What months should I avoid?

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  1. Hello,I am looking to buy my first stang. My wife and kids rented me an 06 v6vert for my bday and now I must have one. cant afford a vert but Im looking at a prem redfire v6 with Iup and pony package Got a price of 3k off msrp and wiil sign the dotted line on tuesday. I know they had problems at the factory and I was wondering which build months if any should I avoid? I currently drive about 32-35k a year so warranty will be long gone before its paid off
  2. i dont think theres any way of knowing. basically build quality will be worst on mondays and fridays. mondays the people are hungover and friday they cant wait to get out of work.
  3. LOL, I agree with 310. Avoid mondays so go for a wednesday stang. :)

    Seriously tho you aint got much to worry bout unless your getting a real early 05 which had several tsb's most of those have been fixed.

    Thats a lot of miles dude! It'll be wore out before its paid for.
  4. I don't know about months, but agree with the Monday/Friday days. But, what about a Saturday?? That is the day mine was built on! :eek:
  5. cars arent built in a day. it goes through a process. you wont know what day it was built.
  6. True, but you will know the day it came off the assembly line completed and brought to life. :flag:
  7. Thanks everybody picked it up last night in the rain. Has a born on date of fri. 5-19-06 Did 120 mi. today an it feels great Upgrades an pics to follow
  8. Congrats!! :nice: :nice: Now, it's time to enjoy . . . . :flag:
  9. Congrats on the new car. As far as the reliability goes I think you will be fine, mustang in general are one of the most reliable fords made, we don;t see to many problems with them.

    If you take care of it this car will last long after it's paid for even putting 35k on it. there is no reason why you can not get 200+k out of a car if you maintain it and fix stuff as it breaks.
  10. Congrats and did you find out when it was builet
  11. OMG! dude ur doomed.....thats a friday car....better check ur lug nuts. :)
    Just funnin ya, Congrats on the new ride! :)
  12. I would avoid ALL months and get a 99-04 Mustang instead. There's just too many problems and issues with the new generation 05-07 Mustangs to deal with. It's not worth it IMHO.
    But it's your money so you should buy what you like.
    Congratulations on your purchase though. I hope that everything works out with your new purchase.
  13. like i said in the other thread, unhappy people tell 10 people about their experiences. happy customers only tell one or none. that is the reason why it appears that there are so many problems with the new cars. in reality, there are few problems, and nothing major at that. absolutley no reason to not purchase a new S197.
  14. I agree with ya bigcat! :D
  15. Maybe you are right. But when I go into the edmunds.com Mustang forums, there are tons of people who own the 05-07 Mustangs who are all complaining about one thing or another about these particular cars. I myself find it odd that a car that's been around now for the last 2 1/5 years can have so many problems with it. How can there be a batch of people who don't have any problems and another batch of people who do have problems with the same exact car? Does Ford build 2 different types of quality Mustangs? It doesn't make sense. You either build a decent quality car or you don't. There's no in between. What do you think is the cause of this? How can Ford build good quality Mustangs and bad quality problematic Mustangs at the same time? I don't understand this.
  16. you just dont hear from the satisfied customers as often as the unsatisfied ones. when you are mad, you want to let the world know. if you are happy, you just carry on with your daily activities.
  17. So i probably shouldnt reply to this thread with my complaint then heh heh. My car was produced 3/10/06 and i just purchased it. 3 days of driving and the anti theft system wont let me crank the car. 30 key turns later it starts. I bring the car in they reprogram the keys. Then the car leaves me stranded. Call road side assistance have them haul it in. Then the car starts right up. Leave it with them overnight and deliver the second key and it finally acts up. Ford gets a TSB to reprogram the computer. Suprise that doesnt work either, so they still have the car a week later.... The part should arrive today, something to do with the ignition. Something that recognizes the key. I forget the technical name. Lets just hope this fixes this problem :)

    An isolated occurance i'm sure or at least i hope so. (2006 v6 premium)
  18. edmunds board topic is Problems. what else should be in there. I havent had any problems with my 06. For every person with a problem there are 99 who dont.

    But that being said I wouldnt buy the first year of any new model.
  19. accidently submitted same post twice
  20. Not to add more fuel to the fire, but I can recall when the SN-95 first came out in 94 there were also quite a few bugs during the first 2 years that had former fox owners regretting their decisions of letting their fox stangs slip away in favor of the SN-95 because of the very same problems..IMHO no matter what, it usually takes at least 2-3 years before all the bugs are finally worked out on any new model, regardless of make or manufacturer..The build date of my 05 GT was on Febuary 05 and I've had no major problems except for batteries going dead, after setting for more than 12 days..However, I later found out this wasn't because of a defect, it's how these cars are now designed due to the new electronics such as the keep alive memory feature which constantly draws voltage..Since installing a tender charger, I haven't come across any furthur battery issues..It's like Bigcat said earlier, unhappy customers tell 10 people about their experiences and the satisfied ones only mention their's to only one other person or not at all..Personally speaking, the S-197 Stang is the best quality built Mustang that Ford has produced, at the present..