What months should I avoid?

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  1. Ive always had pretty good luck when buying a new car except when my 98 jeep ran out of gas with 1/4 still showing on the needle in 10*weather 2miles from a gas station. Thank God for cellphones! Called my wife and had her bring me the gas can used for the snowblower Ive got a k&n cai on order should be here this week Little dissapointed to find out ventvisors will only allow me to open windows1/2 inch or so because of lack of window frame Guess I can live without them Have to do something about the back window tho When the sun is behind me all I see in the rear view is the reflection of the speaker grills A little annoying Has anyone put the louvers on the back window?
  2. I bought a new 06 last January (Southern California Special Edition, V6 & automatic). I'm using it as a daily driver. So far I have 9000 miles on it and no problems.
    I also work for a large company. We release new product every year (just like the auto manufacturers). There are always going to be some type of problems with a new release product. A car is produced using series of processes to manufacture the parts and sub-assemblies. If any of these processes have a problem, the car has a problem. However with proper testing and reviews before release, the problems can be minimized. If you want a trouble free car, buy one where the basic design has not changed for several years (like a Camry). But, if you want more excitement and are willing to take some minor risks, buy a Mustang! You only live once!
  3. Well so far so good after they have fixed it. To bad it took a week to do so. Thats just a bad mark on the dealership not FORD.