what mpg does a 96-98 4.6 GT get?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by GT 5spd, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. Hey guys This is my first post i was woundering what a 96-98 GT's gas mileage is?
  2. I'm getting about 16MPG...but it's all city/suburb driving.. stop signs... traffic lights...traffic. Mine's an auto too.. CAI, exhaust.. will all improve your MPG.
  3. First off I want to welcome both of ya'll to the board... :nice:

    I got about 20 mpg with more city driving than highway driving in my 2000 GT...and on the interstate I got about 25 or so...
  4. Usually about 20 mpg when I keep my foot out of it. Mostly hwy/interstate and 4.10 gears.
  5. Thanks guys........anybody else????
  6. Same as what they said, 20-25 if you dont get on it too much.
  7. I get approx. 19 in mostly around town driving and pure highway, I get above 24 mpg. That is getting on it now and then. I have a 98GT with a 5sp.
  8. I usually get about 300 miles to the tank.
  9. I got over 350 miles on a tank 2 weeks ago with head wind and with only me on board. I did keep cruise control on most of the trip, however.
  10. I mainly do city driving and I get between 21 to 23. On the hwy I usually can get about 25 to 28 depending on weather and traffic. I have 98 GT 5 spd 3.27 gears with Bassani o/r x-pipe and catback :hail2: along with a MAC CAI ( w/ the Darkwolf Mod ). Hopefully this helps you out.
  11. When it was new i got 29-30 driving across the country with only a k&N. Now i get about 26 on the highway and 20 around town. 98gt 5sp
  12. I got 31 once on a long highway trip driving it like a Granny. Usually around town 17-19. About 250-300 a tank.
  13. all i know is i get 160 gallons for a tank :(:(:(:(
  14. Same here... :nice:
  15. Stock, I was getting about 21 city and highway, and with my mods I'm getting about 18-ish.
  16. 19mpg some highway some city. 23 highway with 4.10's
  17. high teens in the city, lows twentys on the interstate
  18. I'm jealous, my MPG is about 12.5. ,3.08 and Cai.with new xpipe. Runs great no codes. One problem is the converter locks up simultaneous at the 2-3 shift and 3-4 shift. I just got the car so I'm still researching my poor mpg. Thought about cam chains but i get a 20" vac at idle.