What music do you listen to?

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  1. Country and Classic Rock :nice:
  2. yeah great station they play skynard pink floyd metallica, bruce, bon jovi , def leppard ect ect ect anything from late 60s - present ,go to www.wdhafm.com and you can listen to the radio thru their website from anywhere in the US
  3. I listen to pretty much every thing, but in car its all Rock and Rap. LP is the best band ever! Thats all that needs to bed said.
  4. Shadows Fall
    Hell Within
    Doom Syndicate
    Darkest Hour
    Atari Teenage Riot
    Dry Kill Logic
    God Module
    Plans For Revenge
  5. All that and no SLIPKNOT! or NIN! :shrug:
  6. I listen to classic rock like Led Zepplin, Jimi, the Doors...also love my Alice in Chains..Metallica, etc...the only thing I really can't get down w/ is country music...
  7. :stupid:

    She thinks my tractor's sexy :notnice:
  8. not much into slipknot, got a few good songs but..eh..i duno

    NIN should go without mentioning :hail2:
  9. :hail2: That's right, bow down before the one you serve :hail2: Lol.
  10. Linkin Park
    Limp Bizkit
    The Offspring
    some Slipknot
    a teeny bit o' rap (makes for great thump music)
    downloaded some of the songs off of the NFS underground sereis

    And there's nothing wrong with country music.

    Charlie Daniels
    Garth Brooks

    Like the old stuff more than the new :D
  11. Call me an OLD FART but i love classic rock! :nice:

    AC/DC, G'n'R, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, Reo speedwagon, Journey, CCR, Skynard, Bon Jovi, Eagles, Steve Miller, Bob Seger . . .etc. just to name a few. anything from the last 3 decades. Some new stuff of today, though very few. not much into rap, country or blue grass (Heavy Metal country as I call it hehe) though I do like to watch people play it, i don't care too much for the vocals :D no offense !
  12. Hip hop.....I can stand the newer stuff but I love the mid-90s shiit
  14. OLD FART!!!!

  15. I can't stand those top 40 stations.
  16. great list :nice:
  17. I'm glad i'm not the only Old Fart around here hehe j/k! :D :nice:
    i do listen to newer stuff, but some of it just seems generic IMO. as if everybody is copying each other, more less like a fashion trend lol, i dunno.

    OMG! how could I!? I forgot to put Def Leppard to my list!! :nice: speaking of which who likes their new cover song "No Matter What?"
  18. i think they did 1 hell of a job on the new cover song and still find it incredible how the drumer is still going with just 1 arm....to be honest if 1 of these mainstream big stars lost their arm it'd be the end of their career because it'd " hurt their image " imo :nice:
  19. Amen to that!!!