What new radiator should i get?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by IndyBlk5.0, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. I was thinking about getting one of those ford racing aluminum radiators off ebay, i dont know if it is neccessary or not... its 240 dollars... What do you guys think? give me your opinions and prices for what you guys would think would be good for my set up THANKS
  2. Summit Griffin 2 core aluminum radiator. universal fit. 31x19 is the size. like $199.00
  3. ok, anyone else?
  4. $250 for a Ron Davis aluminum from Lone Star Performance, and it won't have those cheesy plastic side tanks like the Ford Racing one. Don't know about the Griffin, but it's hard to argue about that price...
  5. Unless you want some weight savings and are big into drag racing. I would say get an aluminum radiator.
    Copper/Brass willl work fine, but 3 core raditors are heavy than your stock one. My 3 core cools great. Think I paid 150 bucks. From a radiator shop around here.
  6. The more i look into griffin, the more i think they are good stuff, and for that price.... 199 isnt bad for that radiator.... Sounds like a great deal... Is this conciderably lighter than the stock one? I know it cools better and all, and thats what i want...