What normal Oil PSI?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by BlackFox5.0, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. I just put an Autometer Oil pressure gauge in, and it reads around 65-70psi when driving, and around 50 when at idle.....i just want to know whats normal :)
  2. mine reads about 60 at idle and almost 80psi under throttle.. i have a feeling that is too high, i suspect the gauge or sending unit to be at fault. im just lazy i havent taken it apart yet.
  3. Hmmmm, mine reads 25psi at idle and 50psi under throttle. Is this too low?
  4. no thats about right....if it goes under 20 at idle,i would say you have a problem. Haynes says that 44-60psi at 2000 rpm when warm is normal. Im getting right at 44 and mine at idle is anywhere from 23-28 depending on how warm the car is.

    Blackfox....i see you have a high volume oil pump...this is probably the diff.
  5. Right. It totally depends on your mileage too. As a rule of thumb, you are safe with 1psi. of pressure for every 100RPM's; or, if it's easier, 10psi for every 1000. Theoretically, if you're idling at 900 and have 12psi you're still safe. 80psi seems high under any circumstance, in a fully warmed up stang- but as long as you aren't smoking or puking oil out any engine gaskets it should be fine.
  6. ive heard (that mustang 5.0 book)that at 2000 RPM u should be at or around 40 psi...and thats worked out on 3/3 cars so far that ive done it one..so i stick to that
  7. I just put in a mechanical gauge, and I do have a high volume oil pump, but theres a difference between high volume and high pressure, so it should be the same as a stock pump I would assume...Just wanted to know what normal is, so I can tell if I have a problem
  8. you're fine, promise
  9. do the test i said..tell me what it reads..
  10. Can't my car is buried in the snow, no more driving till the roads are dry!
  11. haha me too..but when the roads are dry still no driving :( we are getting smashed pretty good here on LI
  12. First off, NON synthetic Castrol GTX 10W30.

    Mine fully hot is about 40 PSI at idle, and around 50 PSI cruising 2000-2500 RPM, and upper RPMs is no more than 65.... Far as I can tell no ones ever had the motor apart.. cause everything is rusty and looks untouched under there. I know the last 2 owners of it since waay back to 1996 when the one had it so.. :shrug: