What % of you do/don't have catalytic converters? and drone follow up...

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Please pick your set up..I have:

  1. oem (4) cat h-pipe

    14 vote(s)
  2. 2 cat h-pipe

    18 vote(s)
  3. 2 cat x-pipe

    19 vote(s)
  4. NO CAT h-pipe

    57 vote(s)
  5. NO CAT x-pipe

    30 vote(s)
  6. Other

    12 vote(s)
  1. Poll: Do you have cats? If so what type? If not, does your car give you a headache? Does the x-pipe really take out the loud boomy drone? Please post your results!!:SNSign:
  2. Shorties, Prochamber (no cats) and Magnaflows. Zero Drone.
  3. long tubes, x-pipe no cats.. and spintechs dumped
  4. mac o/r h, and borla side exit i get just a little bit of drone but it is not bad at all
  5. longtubes, offroad x, borla catback, no drone
  6. mac 1 5/8 long tubes, mac prochamber, flowmaster mufflers, mac 2 1/2 tailpipe kit, no cats. its loud, i guess it drones but any car with a loud exhaust is going to drone somewhat.
  7. Pypes catted x-pipe. No drone that I notice.
  8. VRS 2 cat x-pipe with Spintech Sportsman mufflers. Moderate drone, as compared to Flowmaster American Thunder.
  9. BBK catted X-pipe, Mac cat-back, drones from 1800 - 2200 rpm, I'm told I can be heard coming from 3 blocks away
  10. BBK longtubes, off road h, flowmaster american thunder. Little drone around 2000, nothing i cant deal with...
  11. MAC shorty headers, MAC off-road H-pipe, Dynomax Superturbo catback.

    Nice mellow and most importantly, loud at wide open throttle and noticeable from a distance. No drone on the highway or at all.

    O/R H-pipe for the win.
  12. BBK shorty headers, bassani catted x, dynomax race mufflers with ss tips... very raspy, reasonable while cruising no bad drone, loud as hell above 3k rpm
  13. If a catless h-pipe, headers, & dumped flows doesn't give me a headache, nothing will. Yes, I have drone at certain RPM's. I like to cruise at those RPM's ..... because I like it. It's music to my ears.

    I'm thinking of changing it up, though .... just to see if there's anything else out there that I like.
  14. Thanks for posting guys. Interestingly, some of you with X-Pipes say no drone and others say yes drone. To clarify, drone is not the pleasurable hollow sound our stangs make..at least to me. Drone is that BOOMY down in your middle ear sound that comes into the cabin and resonates.
  15. Mac LTs / Prochamber / stock muffs / 2.5 tails....No drone and still has a nice tone to it..I got tired of the noise..
  16. Stock headers, Bassani X w/cats, and Bassani catback.

    Less drone than 40 series Flowmasters and the drone range is very short.

    Drone is a bit annoying on Interstates cruising at 75. RPMs are right at 2100 in the sweet spot of the drone. At under 72mph or above 78mph, no drone. I think some of the "drone" may be due to the fact that too much noise is coming through the shifter area. I think I could add some padding around the shifter area and nearly remove it. If the windows are up, the drone is a little more obvious, but with the windows down it is not bothersome at all.

    The sound however...............is unbelievably awesome.

    3.55 gears are nice, but that is what put my Interstate cruising speed in the dreaded drone RPM range.

    I'm taking a 1,500 mile trip in my stang in 10 days, so I'll post back here and let you all know if I have any hearing left. :)
  17. I usually don't post in exhaust threads ...... but ...........

    I been fooling around with sbf's for longer than some of you are old.

    Anytime I've moved from the stock catback ..............

    I got dreaded drone thing :notnice:

    A few words to describe how I feel about that noise :D
    in general round about words ... I don't care for it :nono:

    Just in case some don't know what I'm talking about ................

    ANYTHING loose in the car like change or a pen laying on top of the dash starts to move all around and if you wanna tell a friend something sitting in the seat beside you ......... you gotta YELL it to him.

    It has always been in the 1800 to 2200 rpm range ;)

    I got Mac LT's/cat h-pipe, and oem catback ... no drone :nice:

    The main reason I have not moved from the stock catback is ......
    I just don't wanna deal with all the noise.

  18. I know exactly what you mean Grady. One of the reasons I was asking is that I have been considering going to the NO CAT x pipe to gain more HP and thought it might be a lot better that the no cat H-pipe to drone out the drone.

    I currently have a 2 cat - true high flow - bullet style h-pipe (custom welded). I had the no cat h-pipe and it was becoming unenjoyable. Sure I liked the sound but not at a 93 decibel meter measured level in the cabin. At the time I had 3.55's and yes they will put you right in the drone zone at hwy speeds. This made it worse. I am amazed at the variations of combos here too.
  19. I have no drone BUT, I still have the stock cat back. Didn't Ford kill drone by using different length mufflers?
  20. O/R H

    No mufflers either

    Drones SO much at EVERY RPM after 1500.

    But its loud. So I like it.