What % of you do/don't have catalytic converters? and drone follow up...

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Please pick your set up..I have:

  1. oem (4) cat h-pipe

    14 vote(s)
  2. 2 cat h-pipe

    18 vote(s)
  3. 2 cat x-pipe

    19 vote(s)
  4. NO CAT h-pipe

    57 vote(s)
  5. NO CAT x-pipe

    30 vote(s)
  6. Other

    12 vote(s)
  1. am i the only person that loves to hear the drone of their car? Its loud as hell but it always puts a smile on my face.

    i just hate it when im cruising at 2000rpms and a cop comes out of nowhere, i always think im gonna get pulled over
  2. 93 gt: bbk shorties, flowtec x pipe no cats, flowmasters dumped. little drone great sounding tons of complements.
    94 gt: stock headers, h pipe no cats, glass packs(this way when bought want replaced) stock tail pipes very loud and kinda annoying but sounds ferious at wot.
  3. I'm running un-equal shorties, o/r-H, 3-chamber flows and a very slight drone. The 2 and 1 chamber flows have a mean drone. My girlfriend has stock headers, o/r H, and 2-chamber flows and the drone is obnoxious in the car, but not too bad from the outside (it's a hatchback fox)
  4. 3 chamber huh...I have 2 chamber delta flow. It sounds good. Drone don't kil me no more but man did you hear guero's WOT against that trans in "talk" section? WOW. :bang: But it is still one or the other man. Hey, I am in my 30's, have excellent hearing and 20/10 vision which means I can see what most of yo usee @10 feet, I can see clearly at 20 feet. BUT because I have good/great senses I am more sensetive to OUCH LOUD ness ... I just wish we had one guy here that had the absolute answer as to AWESOME sound like Guero and no killer boom.
  5. Bassani equal length shorties, unknown H-pipe w/high flow cats (2) and Borla cat back. I have drone from 2000 to about 2400 which is right where I cruise at on the highway.
  6. I have no cats and x-pipe and the drone is isn't bad at all. Don't get me wrong it drones a little bit but no where near as bad as an H. When I had stock H with the bassani catback it had HORRIBLE drone.
  7. Stock 6 Cat Hpipe (96-98 Stock Hpipe)

    Drone @ 2100rpm.. i like it. Mac CAtback!

    Ordering the mac catted hpipe next week so it might change abit.
  8. Hey, I like your sig man. That's the reason I bought my stang! :nice:
  9. BBK equal's, Mac o/r h pipe, welded in flows a little drone and could careless.......
  10. stock headers, stock exhaust... catted H... sounds great little rumble at idle and when i rev its got a bit of a roar but not toooooo loud...
  11. Kooks long tubes,,3" X with no cats into 3" dynomax race bullets,,with 3" tailpipes run under axle... 3 1/2" tips..sounds wicked..
  12. longtubes, adjustable length pypes exhaust x pipe 40series flows with dumps. can talk in the car if its off! very loud but deep and vibrates everything inside. man its my favorite sound in the world, people rubber neckin everywhere i go.
  13. stock headers, mac o/r H, and Mac flowpaths with 3" tails... drones a ton from about 1800-2050 rpm's, probably more than i would have liked... but if it didnt drone that would ahve been even worse. the only time drone is annoying to me is when it rattles loose change in my car and i think its gonna fall apart or when im stuck at that rpm on the highway. oh ya, and when im trying to listen to music at a normal level, or when im talking to someone, or when my g/f's in the car, or when i go by a cop.... u get the idea.it sucks but i'll live since i enjoy it every now and then. BTW i think the muffs have a bigger effect at creating the drone, but the offroad pipe just makes it that much louder.
  14. Thanks for posting guys. So is there any particular muffler you guys think drones less? Has anyone tried putting two similar but different size mufflers on like factory?
  15. The whole reason I got Magnaflows were because they have NO drone. My offroad Prochamber, shorties, and Magnaflows have absolutely zero drone, but it REALLY opens up when you get on it.
  16. I'll have to look into those. Thanks man.
  17. lol sorry i just saw this ... i am getting an aje k-member and jet-hot coated kooks for this build up. the rest of the exhaust is up in the air right now.

    but i know that i am taking out the cats and want a fairly quiet exhaust note with no drone. i was thinking maybe 2 or 3 sets of pro-flow twister mufflers per side, sort of like what this guy has:

  18. Mac shorties, custom H-pipe with 2 HI-flow cats, 40 series flowmasters. 2000-2200RPM drone on freeway
  19. Mac long tube, Prochamber (no cats) and Magnaflows. Zero Drone.
  20. Any loss in HP on that Blackvert?