What % of you do/don't have catalytic converters? and drone follow up...

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Please pick your set up..I have:

  1. oem (4) cat h-pipe

    14 vote(s)
  2. 2 cat h-pipe

    18 vote(s)
  3. 2 cat x-pipe

    19 vote(s)
  4. NO CAT h-pipe

    57 vote(s)
  5. NO CAT x-pipe

    30 vote(s)
  6. Other

    12 vote(s)
  1. you mean because of backpressure? i can't imagine there would be. those twister mufflers are extremely low

    john uses 2 of them and a mac 3" muffler on each side of his setup and he is making alot more power than me. if it is good enough for him, i have confidence it will be good for me too.

    the flo-pro web site says this about their twister mufflers, "Insignificant Loss Of Horsepower [compared to] Open Headers"
  2. Ok. Thanks.:nice:
  3. I am going to try the glass pack option first and report back. So my exhaust test will be with:

    Headers->high flow cats (true hf) -> glass packs->2 chamber delta flow Flomaster -> tailpipe.

    My understanding is that the glass packs can possibly speed the exaust up which is the case with the twister mufflers as well.
  4. OK, the hooker mufflers sound real good at idle and take off and much much quieter all around. Also, the drone is less but weird when they heat up, the drone comes back...not as bad but almost. :shrug:

    3 chamber delta flows on the way in my QUEST. :spot:

    Oh.. the glass packs didnt fit with the mufflers on so I sent them back..
  5. bassani street comp. rest is stock , no drone at all
  6. The rattle is still slight so I took the converters off testing to see if it was them. It wasn't and they are good I am pretty sure so I have to find the rattle. Meantime, the flowmaster 3 chamber 50 series delta flow WITHOUT cats is as quiet or quieter than the Hooker Competition Turbo Muffler with cats.

    The drone is much slighter now and if I put the 2 high flow cats back on, then it would be completely gone. I have the same thing pretty much as the force II system as sold but I dont know if the force II includes delta flow which cancels out alot of interior resonance.

    On the 2 chamber muffler, the delta flow dont to SQUAT in my o as far as resonance..but then again, whe nyou are at a certain level of resonance, a little less doesn't help..

    I called flowmaster and they dont measure performance in CFM's because they said it is not an accurate performance measurement for mufflers..only heads and intakes. The said there is 0 loss of power on their dyno between 50 series and 40 series, only less noise.
  7. B&G headers through p60-1hifi turbo with single 3" exhaust out Universal 3" cat. to side exhaust.
    No drone.
  8. conclusion: headers-> no cats ->3chamber flowmaster delta flow = low drone and I stink when I hang arond the car.
    headers-> cats ->3chamber flowmaster delta flow = NO drone and no stink, lol.

    O' and I found the rattle. It was hiding between the dr side upper control arm and the exhaust pipe that loops over the rear axle. :owned:

    I put some high temp shielding in there to quiet it for now. That was driving me :fuss: :crazy:
  9. bassani street comp. pace setter off road h pipe no drone
  10. no drone here....mods in sig.
  11. o/r prochamber

    not as loud as an o/r h or x but i love it
  12. Not sure you guys have the same definition of drone as the rest of us but if it works for you that's great.
  13. I have drone at 2k with flowmasters. Had it before and after the h pipe at 2k RPM. Only RPM I get it at.
  14. Mac shoties, off road H, bassani cat back much less drone than the old flows and a meaner sound at WOt.
  15. I just bought my car and it had 2 chamber flows welded in place of the stock mufflers and thats the only mod it has. I swear it has terrible drone!!!! I love the tone of flowmasters but it is annoying. On a side note I have 70 mustang that had longtubes a custom x pipe and some very old 2 chambers flows (before flowmaster started aluminizing there mufflers) run out the back with angle cut tips and I can't recall any drone with that car! It had a very unique sound too. A sound that I've never heard since.
  16. BBK H pipe (no cats) magnaflow cat back....NO DRONE
  17. Stock headers, Dr. Gas X-Pipe w/hi flow cats, Flowtech Terminator mufflers, all out to some nice 2.5" MAC tailpipes. No drone, just the sound of sex! :D :hail2:
  18. 1-5/8 longtubes, prochamber, flowmaster american thunder. not much drone at all.....then again, the chopiness of the idle and the whine of the blower may have offset it a bit.....

  19. I think it is the force II that has my mufflers on it but this is a long thread so I thought I would repost my results..

    I don't have a blower or anything but after I put on the 50 (3 chamber) series delta flow, the car is much less drone. Enough so that the car is now enjoyable again.