what oil are you running?

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  1. I just bought my oil for the first oil change. I bought 6 quarts of 5w20 royal purple. going to buy the ford racing oil filter to throw on it.
  2. How many miles does the car have? You said it's the first oil change? It is a good idea to wait 5-6k miles before running a synthetic so you fully break in the engine.

    I always use Mobil 1 and have never see an engine wear related issue while running it. My 97GT is still going strong with 154k miles.
  3. its the first oil change i'm doing to it, old owner traded it right when the next oil change was due. it still isnt' at the mileage it should for an oil change, but the sticker listed when the next date should be, whatever came first. and its overdue.

    motor has 4500 miles.

    i'm probably doing it next weekend. i'll have to try to rack up around 600 miles.
  4. Mobil 1 full synthetic and K & N filter.
  5. Mobil1 5W-20 full synthetic and FL-820S Motorcraft filter.
  6. Royal Purple 5w20 and either the Motorcraft or K&N filter. I'm going to buy a FRPP filter and cut it open and compare it to the Motorcraft one. I'm hoping that it is truly different and it's just not a relabeled Motorcraft filter.
  7. My mom always used motor craft synthetic blend and she never had any problems. I run Royal Purple Full synthetic though.
  8. Mobil 1 Supersyn 5w20 + Motorcraft Oil Filter
  9. i believe its taller. i could be wrong though.
  10. Mobil 1 5w-20 full synthetic. The local Costco does not carry this grade, so I get it at wal-mart. I buy a 5 quart jug, as well as an additional quart..

    I use a motorcraft filter as well.
  11. I've been using Quaker State for about 30 years with no issues. I switched to synthetic when it came out. However I've heard so much about Royal Purple that I'm thinking about giving it a try.

    For filters I used Fram for about 28 years until I saw an abundance of info on how bad they are AND for some reason they began to consistently leak on my Dodge Dakota from where they contact the block. I switched to K&N oil filters and guess what? No more leak! Plus they have the nifty 1" nut to unscrew it with!
  12. Motorcraft 5W-20 blended synthetic and regular Motorcraft oil filter.
  13. No doubt? I was just going to do my first oil change tonight, the car as 1059 miles on it, so it would not be a good idea to run Royal Purple quite yet?
  14. Its not a problem like it used to be: tolerances are tighter now and many engines come fom the factory with synthetic oil. Heck, I bought a rebuilt 302 at Autozone and it had full synthetic in it from the get-go.
  15. Sense my first oil change I've used Mobile 1 5W-20 Full-Synthetic and a Motorcraft Filter, 820s I believe. I have changed at 500, 1,500, 3,000, 6,000, 9,000, and 12,000. I will be changing again next month at 15,000 miles, but I'm going to go with Mobile 1 0W-20. I've read it's an even beter oil then their 5W-20.

    I ran Royal Purple or Mobile 1 (5W-20) in my F150 for 74k, using the same OCIs and had zero issues. They're both great oils. Which one I used just depended on which I could find when the time came, and now the place closest to me doesn't carry RP.
  16. Mobil 1 5 w 20 with either a k&n filter or a Mobil 1 filter
  17. I read some place (don't know how accurate it was) that the Ford racing filter is not really suitable for a street car. It was designed for oil flow, not for keeping the oil clean.
  18. everything you ever wanted to know about oil is found here.
  19. I use the same oil/filter setup up now. I've also seen the 0W-20 and wondered if it's ok to run in a DD. I know it will help slightly in the power department, but will it help the engine last as long as 5W??????
  20. i get RP for free from garage at work, use it in my 86 turbo mustang coupe. the 08 gt/cs will get amsoil cause i get that cheaper than parts stores sell dino oil. if i had to buy oil at full price it would be mobil 1