what oil are you running?

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  1. Hmm...I'd swear it said "requires." But I also read it back in like september or august.

    F*** it, I'm not doing anything. I'm gonna run grab the manual real quick. Just to clear up any curiosity anyone may have. Be back soon. Was gonna install the driveshaft today, but I'm REALLY feeling like laziness is more appealing...
  2. I uh...got out to my car and was told there was a mountain cruise going on and I got distracted and went up...

    ...while up there, I realized I need an alignment...pretty badly. And I may put off the charger and get Roush Stage 3 suspension, first...

    I'll check the manual tomorrow.
  3. EvasiveS197

    Ford cannot tell you that you have to use their oil to keep the warranty. It's against the law, it's part of the Magnuson Ferguson Act ... Now if you're using a different weight of oil than that's a different story. Brand wise you are not stuck with Motorcraft.
  4. mobil 1 5w20 and motorcraft filter
  5. I road raced my 93 GT for 8 years with Valvoline durablend, That car is still being raced on this same blown motor.
    In my 07 I use Mobil 1 always with a ford filter.
  6. What you say makes sense...

    But still, I prefer motorcraft, mobil 1, or royal...and won't use anything but 5w20
  7. I don't think you'll ever have a problem than. :nice:
  8. Here's a possible dumb question.
    What's the worst that could happen if one were to leave the original oil in a new car unchanged for 2-3k?
    I'm assuming this is what a majority of the population does anyway, because the manual doesn't mention anything about draining out the 'break in oil.'
  9. Nothing. I don't believe it's even a break in oil.
  10. i worked a quick change when about 8 years ago and they had a fram filter cut open to show the diff and the fram filters then were all cardboard in side it was a really ****ty design back then dont know if it has changed and i havnt used fram since
  11. Fram is horrible. I wouldn't ever use one on my car. They have one of the worst anti-drainback valves in the industry.
  12. I use RP 5/20 and Motorcraft filter.
    The Ford dealer I bought the car from recommends Royal purple oil for all S/C and turbo applications they service.
  13. Castrol Syntec 5w-20 and K&N filter.
  14. thats because they charge $$ for it. :(
  15. AmsOil

    I use 0w30 amsoil and a wix filter. The oil is full synthetic and the filter is recommended by amsoil, wix makes the amsoil 17.00 filter but sells it for 6.40 with wix written on it.

    Ford, as Art stated earlier, requires oils used in their engines to meet Ford specification WSS-M2C 930-A with API Certification Mark.

    Amsoil has 3 oils they recommend for use in a 4.6 and they all meet the Ford specs. I chose the heavier oil because I live in a hot climate.
  16. Royal Purple and Motorcraft filter
  17. I think I'm actually going to give royal purple a try on my next change. I had been concerned that it was some new magic snake oil or something but all I keep hearing is good feedback. Has anyone had any long term bad effects from it???
  18. Which Oil?

    AMSOIL 0W20 and an AMSOIL Ea filter. :nice:
  19. So when people do the 500-1000-3000 mile oil changes on a new car is it just for peace of mind?

    BTW I use Motorcraft's "full" synthetic with the 820S filter.
  20. I switched from Mobil 1 to Amsoil 0W20 along with an Amsoil Ea filter. :nice: