what oil are you running?

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  1. That's a holdover from the old days when manufacturers used "sand casts" for the motor parts. The process is much better these days, I hope. I tend to change my oil @ 3000 mile intervals. Today's filters are much better also.

    As far as oil, I usually use Pennzoil full synthetic in all my vehicles with the Motorcraft filters. ( All my vehiles now use the same filter, 820S.) :nice: Sometimes Mobil1 or Valvoline if they have a good sale price.
  2. M1 5w/30 K&N filter - sure as hell not paying a premium for 5w20
  3. I used RP 5-20 on my first oil change of owning my car. Ill probably just switch to mobil 5-20 on the next one cause i can get it cheaper. That 0-20 oil is junk, its a gimmick. You save like 100 bucks on gas by the time you hit 50,000 miles i believe is what the bottle said. Its stupid. Another marketing ploy sent during high gas prices to suck people into "saving gas money". I work at jiffylube, have for a few years as well as my detailing business. Fram still blows. Filters are junk, WIX is a great filter, you can get them from NAPA labeled as their NAPA Gold filters, same thing just says NAPA. I however use Motorcraft, Dont fix it if it isnt broken and im sure ford didnt waste millions in R&D on a ****ty filter that they put on every motor from the factory.
  4. M1 5w30 and Motorcraft filter.
  5. The reason why your mobil 1 looks dirty when it comes up for a change is because it is doing its job by suspending particals away from critical parts that can get damaged from carbon build-up(Black oil).
    If your oil comes out clean after 3000 miles it is not doing its job.:nice::eek:
  6. I am running Amsoil 0W20. Working just fine. :nice:
  7. Mobil 1 5w20 with FRPP filter.
  8. Royal Purple with a K&N filter. Royal Purple seems to be great but does cost more and I didn't see a difference over the moble one, and yet I keep using royal purple.