What Oil filter have you used

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  1. What oil filters have you guys been using on your 2011 GT's. I m thinking of going with a purolator pure one pl22501? What brand and part nos you been using?
  2. Well...I only have 2,5XX miles on my car right now.

    The oil change interval for a 2011 GT is 10,000 miles. I will change the oil at 5K miles and 10K miles, then go with 10K intervals. I will use the OEM Ford filter...perhaps a FRPP filter if I'm feeling spendy.
  3. I wouldn't wait that long for your first oil change. In fact, I'd do it soon. After that, I'd change the oil at 5-6K intervals. Ten thousand miles is a long time to go between oil changes.

    I've got 1,100 miles on my car right now. I'm changing the oil at 3K and then at 6K intervals.
  4. K&N

    I have 6280.0 miles on mine and changed it at 3k and am doing 5k intervals of amsoil synthetic. I used a K&N Oil filter during the change and its been good ever since. The dealer obviously reccomends the motorcraft but I asked around and found that K&N make great filters. The # is :#HP-2011
  5. Dude, Amsoil goes like, forever...and you're going to change it every 5K? You must have more money than....the rest of us. :nice:

    Depending on my driving style, I may go with 5K-7.5K intervals of Mobil 1. Remember, these cars take 8 quarts of oil. That's what makes for a long service interval (and also helpful when on the road course so there's no oil starvation). For a daily driver car that might see the drag strip a few times in it's life, I don't think you need to change the oil every 3K.

    Oh...and the owner's manual says to do it in 10K intervals. I'm pretty sure they know what's what when it comes to this engine.
  6. I'm not anywhere close to an oil change yet, but I always use OEM filters on everything I own with Mobil 1. On my vehicles (all 5 of them!) I change the oil between 5-6K miles.... and never had a problem.

    10K miles seems like a long time! I may not hit 10K in a year. :)
  7. I only have about 700 miles on mine bought the last day of 2010. It's cold and rainy up here and I drive my truck mostly in the winter. However, I will continue the oil change regamine I've used in the past: Purolator pure one and mobil one once a year. I only put between 1500 and 2000 miles on my "toys" a year and can't see extending the oil for more than a year.
  8. Motorcraft filter, changing every 7k with valvoline full synthetic.
  9. I use the Ford Motorcraft filter, and Mobil 1 Syn oil. I plan on changing it every 3-4k miles (or when oil life hits 50%) just for peace of mind. I only have 5700 miles on my stang and did the first oil change at 3k.
  10. Hey rickisyodaddy, do you know the motorcraft filter part#?
  11. Ray, its FL500S
  12. What's the point of owning the car if you don't drive it? I put almost 1,500 miles a month on my car!
  13. I can understand not wanting to drive it in the weather, but if its a nice day, then game on! I drive mine to work all the time. I figure I bought mine to have fun with, so I'm gonna drive the crap out of it when I can and get my money's worth.
  14. My 'Stang is my daily driver. I probably put 1,000 or so miles on it a month.
  15. I love my mustang and love driving the crap out of but I dont DD it. I use it for weekends, going out, or if I'm bored. Cops where I am currently at are the biggest aholes in the world, and have nothing better to do than pull people over and see how many tickets they can give out, so I really dont want to risk getting stopped in my stang. And also, people here are rude, stupid, and careless. They dont care if they hit your car, throw stuff on it, etc... I get a new scratch or two on my beater every week from stupid people here.
  16. Motorcraft FL500S..............:nice:
  17. Thanks, guys, I just changed oil and used the Purolator Pure One with Mobil ! 5w20
  18. Best oil filter

    Motorcraft Oil filters are made specifically for Ford cars. The "S" in FL500 S stands for silicone. The bypass and drainback valve in the filter must be made of silicone due to the chemicals used in the making of synthetic oils. I know that the valve in Motorcraft filters are made of silicone but I dont know about the other filter brands, therefore, I use nothing but OEM parts in my Mustang. No oil company that produces synthetic oil will gaurantee your engine. Try to get them to pay for a new one if yours blows up. I dont trust all the hype. I change my oil with motorcraft 5-20 synthetic blend every 3000 miles. It costs me $35. Big Deal. Back in the 60s Ford used Rotunda Oil, their own dinasour oil and recomended 6000 mile intervals. So sure, your engine will last going 10,000 between oil changes, but I bet Mine will last longer!! Remember, they are off the hook at 50, 000 miles. Thats your warranty. After that, you eat it. Amsoil might just be a good product but I remember them making soap products. They never had anything to do with oil. I dont trust them either.
  19. I drive my stang whenever i can. but not in the snow or rain! i dont even drive it if the roads are wet. i just want to keep it that clean. i have a 4x4 ranger to drive when weather is bad.
    My car has 5,000 miles now and im getting a prompt to change the oil.
    Im putting in royal purple 5-20 synthetic and may go with the motorcraft filter.
    if change intervals are 10,000.... why is it prompting me at 5,000?
    is it for the first change? then it will prompt me at 10,000?
    I think with full syn. oil and 8 qt capacity, 10,000 is ok but i'l keep an eye on it after 5,000.
    i think 3,000 is over kill, but if you use organic oil and feel safer at 3,000 it cant hurt.