Engine What Oil To Use In 89 W/ V2 S-trim

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by TreborX3, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Just wondering oil weight/ brand on an 89 with a Vortech V2. The car has just been sitting for atleast a year. And she has been road worthy, just wasn't able to drive it till now. And I'm definitely not doing that untill I change some of the fluids mainly oil. Just wanted some feed back. Would love to use royal purple just a lil pricy. And I don't want to use anything that could be harmfull to supercharger. So any feed back would be great. Also wanted to change plugs. Didn't know if I had to use something different because of the Vortech. I know gap will be different. But didn't know if I should go with a better then stock replacement or something better? Thanx Rob
  2. Use a quality synthetic oil of the same weight that you would have run without the supercharger. Synthetics resist heat vaporization better than dinosaur oil.

    Assuming that the plugs that are installed now are the correct ones, replace them with the same. Supercharged apps use the same plugs as N/A apps but are 1 or two heat ranges colder. Stick with OEM brand, Champion, etc.

    If you're really feeling froggy, you can step up to a set of quality iridium plugs. Don't expect a performance increase from these. They do the same job but have a tendency to last longer. Index them if you're lacking something to do.
  3. If you are gonna run this thing on pump gas I would run as cold of a cheap copper core plug as you can and use a champion if possible. if not run an autolite. the cheap ones. not because they are good but because they are garbage and come apart if you look at them. which is a good thing with a poweradder because nothing kills detonation like a spark plug coming apart. that's why a lot of nitrous guys run them when playing with their tune up. run whatever oil you want. I like redline.

    when it comes to plug heat ranges, in an autolite like a 25 is a stock plug for a fox 302. if you want two heat ranges colder that would be a 23. so if all else fails, cross reference what you have now to an autolite, then go a couple lower on the last number, and cross reference a champion. what heads are a on it now and what plugs are you currently running?

    also, don't go beating on that thing with the blower on it with old gas. that is a recipe for disaster. run at least a couple of tanks of a quality 93 octane like shell. some guys I know who run a pump gas class tested a bunch of fuel and found the shell to be one of the higher octane 93s.