What paint Colors you like to see on the 05 Mustang

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  1. What paint colors you like see on the 05 Mustang?

    I like see Electric Green 99-02 & Bright Blue 98-00 on the 05 Mustang color options. :lol:

  2. Azure blue if they make the Mach 1, :hail2: The silver/gray color the concept fastback was.
  3. here here :nice:
  4. Bring back 93-99 Chrome Yellow, or 92-95 Vibrant Red with a REAL black interior.
  5. i agree also
  6. Dark Highland Green.
  7. Tungsten Silver and Redline Red from the concepts
    Dark Highland Green Bullitt
    Grabber Blue Mach 1/Boss
    Pearlescent White
    True Blue
  8. I vote Electric Green, True Blue, Azure Blue, Black, Dark Shadow Grey, and Highland Green
  9. Azure Blue, Black, White, and Mystic.
  10. opal frost

  11. ding ding ding diiiinggggg...

    we hava a winner... :drool:
  12. DarkHighland Green on 05 Mustang would look hot, Can we say 2nd LTD Bullitt GT :nice:

    But I'll still take Electric Green for the 2nd LTD 06 Mach1, if Mach1 comes out in 06 :lol:

  13. Make mine Highland Green.
  14. lets go old school here, I'd like to see a return of Gulfstream Aqua, or EmberGlo.
  15. If you want to go old school I say Playboy Pink! :rlaugh:
  16. :stupid:



  17. I hope they offer a optional racing stripes package!!!!!!

    Azure blue with pearl while stripes :nice:
    Chrome yellow with flat black stripes :nice:
    Cardinal red with white stripes :nice:

    Donny :banana:
  18. I like see old Boss stirpes on the 05 Mustang :flag:


  19. I second that!!!!!