What paint Colors you like to see on the 05 Mustang

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  1. I like medium blue metallic, and mineral grey.
  2. Twilight Turquoise all the way! I want matching fastbacks!

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  3. Not bad :nice: I like that color too :flag:
  4. mystic, zink yellow or even better the speedlab yellow thats on the s281e's
  5. zinc yellow = **** stain yellow for me. Chrome/Canary Yellow owns!!!
  6. 1996 Bright Tangerine
    2003 Azure Blue
    1970 Grabber Green
    2004 Screaming Yellow
  7. I think Jet Black with nice flames would be cool :nice:
  8. I think Jet Black with nice flames would be cool :nice:
  9. Oops, now how do you delete? :bang:
  10. tangerine orange
  11. If there is no dark green, I'm not buying one. :banana:
  12. I hear that. Same with me.
  13. Colors I want to see:

    1. Canary/Chrome yellow
    2. Tangarine orange
    3. Sonic blue
    4. Mineral grey
    5. Rio red

    I wouldn't mind seeing a mystic-style color, if they'd just do a decent one -- the '96 Mystic and '04 Mystichrome are too diluted, I would like the flashier version Saleen used.

  14. I'd like to see more options for the cars.

    I'd love to see red interiors back. It would look great to see a black w/ red int car again.

    And stripes!!! And more engine options!! And DRAG PACKS!!!! AND...oh nevermind...
  15. Mmmmmm.... PORNO RED!! :jester:

  16. Burnt Orange, Copper, Berilyum whatever you call it, it looks nice.
  17. A dark green would be cool. Deffinately need an orange, bright red (not laser red), black, yellow, blue, silver, white. Also racing stripes and Boss/Mach 1 (if they make them) graphics would look cool.

  18. dark green and cherry black