What paint Colors you like to see on the 05 Mustang

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  1. I love that lime gold color :lol: :banana: :D
  2. I want to see a titty pink mustang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    : )
  3. :crazy:
  4. I don't think the Lime Gold chip is a good sample of the color, it wasn't that vivid, I'm sure you've seen it on a 68 or other year models from back then.
  5. I don't care what other colors they offer, but they better offer Midnight Blue, Black, and Teal.
  6. I think a something similar to Sonic blue (or the actual SONIC blue), Azure Blue, Mineral Grey, Chrome Yellow, True Blue, maybe even a Darker grey than the dark shadow grey with some racing stripes. :)
  7. LINK DOWN!!!!!!

    I can't see the pics, but I'm ASSuming that you took care of the ho skin and dressed up the little lady

    Could someone spice up the hood a bit? I'm thinking 03 cobra ish.
  8. I don't know if sonic blue would look good on it. I have loved sonic blue ever since it came out, and thats why I have a Sonic Blue GT :nice:

    I think Chrome Yellow should come back, ummm definately Mineral Gray. When I think of more I'll post again lol.
  9. I find out some news on the one of the color line up for 05 Mustang , one is Crmison Red , will be one of colors on the 05 Mustang :nice:

    (With glossy red racing stripes)
  11. I would like to see these colors:

    1.Competition Orange
    2.Gloss Black
    3.Rio Red
    4.True Blue
    5.Silver Frost
    6.Mineral Grey
  12. grabber orange, amazon green, chrome yellow, lazer red, performance red, black, and patriot blue
  13. :OT:

    This is the second time I've seen a picture like this:


    Is Ford actually putting out a model of the V6 now that has a GT hood scoop? I must be behind the times, I didn't think that was an option...

  14. Pony Package = GT hood, running pony decal, leather wrapped stearing wheel, polished rims, blacked out MUSTANG on bumper.
  15. Autumn Orange would be nice to have again.
  16. Yes it would be nice too see Autumn Orange on the Mustang again since 96.
  17. Personally I would love to see a sky-blue color with 2 white racing stripes.
  18. Deep Emerald Green.

    I know this blasphemy, guy at work has a 03 Lexus IS w/ Graphite Grey Pearl, IMHO, would look sick on an 05 Mustang.
  19. The red on the 40th Anniv LTD. Mustang will be on the 05 Mustang I find out from TM guys :flag: