What parts am i going to need to hit my goal??

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  1. Im doing the Tork Tech build this winter on my car with the used cobra eaton. Im going to order the intake manifold (intercooled) soon! So far i only have the eaton plenum and throttle body. It has the silencers welded shut. It did not come with a pulley or anything.

    Im just wondering, besides the parts I know im going to need to complete the kit, what other parts should i get (pulley size, clutch/fly wheel, injecters, gauges)

    I really want to get a clutch that is strong but allows me to comfortably drive the car on the street still.

    Id like this to be a 420rwhp street car!

    So please tell me which parts you think I will need!

  2. Drivetrain wise, having a fun and easy car to drive when it is supercharged is a hard medium to meet for most people. I'm running a RAM Powergrip clutch with stock flywheel, no complaints, just remember to stay with MM's clutch cable and FWA and Quad if you're doing everything.

    Fuel wise, to be safe in the 425 rwhp I'd go with a Focus or Aviator pump and a BAP. Should be good up to high 400's.

    When I was putting together my Vortech extras, I got a boost gauge, oil pressure and wideband to go in the extra radio pocket of my '99.
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  3. thanks for the reply! il keep this in mind !
  4. What's is a BAP?
  5. Stock clutch will hold 400rwhp.

    I have 407rwhp/420rwtq on a stock SACHS clutch from the parts store.... Not planning on upgrading any time soon.
  6. Kenne Bell Boost-a-pump. It's a fuel pump voltage amplifier.
  7. yeah id try it out but its on its way out so im going to do an upgrade while the car is down
  8. ahh right, i think i actually knew that just didnt clue in
  9. will 42lb injectors do the job? or should i get 60s to be safe?
  10. Ford green tops (42lb) will suffice.
  11. 42's will suffice, but i recommend getting 60's. if you decide to upgrade your shortblock and crank up the boost later... you will run out of injector
  12. anyone have any idea what pulley size i should run to see 425ish hp?
  13. How about Full Length Sub-Frame Connectors and the stickiest tires you can afford?
  14. already have the subframe connectors and i will be aquiring some sticky tires!
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  15. bump! anyone have any idea what pulley i will need to run?
  16. When I had my 4.6l 98 I ran a mcleod clutch single plate car made 495 rwph and 500 tq and was so easy to drive on the street. Cnc'd heads, cans and a v2 sq got it done real easy on only 8 lbs
  17. still curious on pulley sizes! any help is appreciated!

    happy new years everyone!
  18. I'm running there complete kit(back the day when they had everything included, MAF injectors, ect) with IC and magnuson Mp112 blower and seeing 417hp.............42lbs injectors and using the Centerforce dual friction clutch. The pulley I have was there standard one that came in the kit, 3.2" pulley. my car is also a 5 speed.
    You should see close to the same numbers I have with a similar setup. Only other major mods I have that weren't in the kit is my exhaust basically.
    If you do not plan to build the block, I would not go any smaller on the pulley. Stock block supposedly good to around 400. :shrug: I seen people with a little more, like myself, and seems to holding up ok I have had mine for about two years now but mine is not a DD either.......just my two cents. Hope that helps! :nice:

  19. *Their. :p