Mach 1 What people paying for a new '04 Mach1?

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  1. What are people paying for a new '04 Mach1?

    I've read the posts and done the searches. What is the bottom line? What should I offer? What is fair to the dealer?

    When I bought my 2000GT, I offered 3% over invoice and they took my first offer (I was kicking myself wondering if I could have done better). I'm curious if that tactic will work on the Mach1. I checked this forum to see what they are going for. So what are people paying for the '04 Mach1?
  2. Hate to answer my own post, but my wife busted me writing the previous one, and asked to see the car! OMG! So I took her to it, and she gave me the GREEN LIGHT!

    Now it's time to work the dealership. Sure enough, the sticker is MSRP 29K. So how's that rebate work? I already know what I'm offering and my current Stang will be paid off in seven months, so I have leverage: it is MUCH cheaper to walk away.

    Any tips? Please post, this could happen really fast. Time to vacuum and polish the GT.
  3. paid 24,508 + tt&l for mine back in december
  4. $24,500 is $2000.00 UNDER the low-ball I am considering, tomorrow. RU kidding me? I can't believe a Mach1 can go as low as 24K. That is what they were asking for 2000 GT's, in 2000. I've seen that posted, but find it hard to believe without some concessions, somewhere.

    Please give me some details from your buy. Were there rebates involved? Did you have to haggle? Walk away? Did they smoke you on your trade-in?

    I'll only give market value trade-in on my 2000GT, or I walk. Like I posted, it's paid for in October, so no pressure on my part. But, I want to get a payment as low as possible so I don't regret the investment for the next 60 months.

    Thx for replying. Just finished the vacuum and polish. Interior and motor bay are mint now, they will get a kick when I roll up in a spotless Stang (there is a carwash adjacent to the lot, and it's suppossed to rain two inches tomorrow), but I am serious about the deal. Besides, there are over 40 mustangs on their lot, and on the other one by my house. Looks like a good time to upgrade :D
  5. Don't forget, there is a $3000 rebate on Mach 1's & GT's til 3/31. I've seen them around here for $24,300. That's invoice price $27,300 or so minus the rebate.
  6. hey i just traded my 00gt in they gave me 12.5, every other dealer offered me had 29k and flawless
  7. There's about $3k mark-up and (right now) a $3k rebate, which means you should be able to get one for about $6k off-sticker.
  8. I went by the dealership and offered 24K even, after haggling, they are now at $24,750 and want to appraise my ride. Is that good enough, or should I try to get them lower?
  9. That's fair. At $24,750 they're making a couple hundred bucks and 'dealer holdback' (approx 2% of MSRP).

    If you're trading, though, just remember - once they gut the price of the Mach to invoice-minus-rebate, they're gonna try to get you to take "wholesale", aka "actual cash value", for your car (based on auction reports, NADA, the local market's demand, etc.) - my advice: stick to your guns. If you know someone in the car business, get them to look-up the "ACV" on your trade-in. Depending on its condition and "desirability" you may be able to get a little more than ACV - but the dealer will make you fight for it after they've already dropped their pants, so to speak. BTW, what ARE you trading, if you don't mind me asking?, (Kelly Blue Book), and can give you a rough idea of ACV but, there are many other factors that go into the final-figure a dealer puts on a trade-in. In most cases, ACV's listed on the sites I previously mentioned are anywhere from $500-$2000 too high.

    HTH :nice:
  10. 305HP --300HP

    Since the new 'Stang GT will have 300HP, the 305 in the Mach 1 is not much of a difference. Any Mach1 on the lot will be knocked way down before the '05 GT comes out. Wish the new one was out so you could look at, and drive both. Who knows if the '05 will be your ticket or now? The Mach1 has its points. Seems like $5,000 off sticker or more may be possible. Heck, I think I saw a V6 at under $14k. Wonder if a standard GT can be found for $18k ??? I think the 2005 is to be around $26k, but don't quote me on that one. One article states that they are finally tuning the sound on the V6 to may it more exciting. Hey, that will save a step or two for those changing the pipes and such now. Good luck to ya!
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  11. that's where ya lose the money

    The trade-in is where you lose the money, and they make the money. That said, someones got to make money at some point in the whole deal. Selling the car yourself is no fun, but is one way to make the best deal net-net. I like that $6,000 one person mentioned. I don't think I would like the insurance on the beast, but it sure looks like fun.

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  12. What I paid

    I ordered mine back in October. A couple of the dealers wouldn't go less than MSRP but I finally found one that would deal.

    I ended up getting it for 27,700 + ttl -- now the rebate was in place when the vehicle came in (12/23/03) I would have gotten it for 24,700 if I took the 3000 rebate but I had to finance and the rate was higher than I wanted and I was pressed for time - The dealer was 3 hours away and I had to drive it home. I picked up the vehicle on 12/26 and we were expecting a bad snow storm that night so I wanted to get it home and in the garage before it hit so I tried for the 0% from Ford Credit. I already have one truck load from them and am paid up 1 year ahead of myself so I thought I might have a good chance at it.

    Sure enough, got the 0% financing for 5 years but then I don't get the 3000 rebate. It works out about the same and I don't have to try to pay off the loan early to save a few bucks (actually it would have cost me more in the long run to take the rebate and the higher financing)

  13. the mach 1 is roughly 320hp at crank 05 should be on point...the mach should keep the edge but time will tell
  14. Paying $26,975 Out The Door- tomorrow for a 04 DSG Mach 1 :flag:
  15. Thx for the replies.

    Stonespony, my trade-in is a 2000GT, automatic, with 80K, prob worth around 7800-8500 trade-in, but I need around 9800.00 for the deal to work. Do you think I can get it? It will be paid off in October, so I have NO pressure whatsoever.

    The salesman was calling today when I walked in the door from work, so I know their "pants are down", so to speak. I told him I'd be in tomorrow and told him I'll take the ride if the payment is where I need it.

    The attitude of the salesman is a little bad, but he can kiss my a$$. The salesman :bs: does not work on me; it's too easy to walk away and I don't care if I hurt his feelings.

    The $24,750 does seem like a decent deal to me, though, and I let him know that he has my interest. It's up to his people to keep it. I will find out tomorrow if they are willing to 'take it on the chin' in order to move one of those 20+ stangs sitting on their lot. I expect to see blood on the walls when I walk out the door, with or without a new set of keys in my hand :chair:
  16. Hmmm...$9800 against invoice-minus-rebate may be impossible for them to do? Perhaps if it had 35-40k miles MAYBE but doubtful with 80k. I'm just trying to be honest with you. :flag: My guess is they'll start by low-balling your GT around $7k...and let you get ready to get-up and walk-out before finally offering somewhere around $8200, tops. The 'high-mileage' is an automatc $750-1000 deduct regardless of condition. The way the dealer looks at it, a four year-old car shouldn't have more than about 60k on it...and they really don't care if they're 'highway miles' or not! Even in tip-top shape, I can't see them putting it out on the lot for retail at more than $10k asking-price? Could you?

    I just played this game with my local dealer so, let me use my trade-in as an example: Torch Red '02 GT Premium 5-speed with 13,882 miles. I owed a little over $14 on it so, naturally, I thought I had about $2k-worth of equity going into the deal, even at invoice-minus rebate? :shrug: Wrong! Imagine my surprise when the salesman came back and hit me at $14,600! :bs: I started to get up and walk-out when the sales manager pulled me aside and showed me the on-line quote from Greensboro Auto Auction. He didn't want me to leave thinking that he was trying to 'steal' my GT? Sho' nuff, the going-price at auction for used '02's, like mine, ranged from about $14,500-$15,700. He told me they would retail my GT for $17k...and (probably) take $16k for it, bottom-dollar. Well, my initial thought was to sell the GT myself but, I knew if I waited, the Mach would get sold out from underneath me? Plus, the excitement of taking the Mach home was too much and I couldn't bear the thought of leaving it behind... :bang: I bit-the-bullet and accepted $15,300 for my GT and signed-ze-papers, despite the fact that I knew I flushed roughly $1500-2000 down the proverbial toilet? Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do, man.

    Your best-bet may be to sell it yourself...but, I wouldn't let $1-2k prevent me from taking home one of the few '04s that are available? That's just me, though. :nice: Remember, Ford is closing the Dearborn Assembly Plant in April-May...

    Good luck...I hope you get it!
  17. Please read below for auction results that were at the San Antonio Dealer Auction. The dates listed are for when they went through:

    02/25/04 SAN ANTO Regular $7,600 49,057 Below SILVER 8G 5-speed
    02/18/04 SAN ANTO Regular $8,300 75,793 Below WHITE 8G Auto
    02/11/04 SAN ANTO Lease $10,000 55,984 Avg BLUE 8G Auto

    They considered the first 2 to be BELOW average condition and the last one at Average. Let us know what they say and I can help you at a bit more if I can. Like Stonespony said, don't let 1k-2k let you walk from it. If they are willing to do the $24,750 and say only 8k on the trade, that IMO is a fair deal. BTW, what color are you looking at? Also below I will post the higher mileage listings from the auction as well to give you a good idea of what they are going for:

    02/20/04 NEVADA Regular $7,100 83,005 Below BLACK 8G 5-speed
    02/24/04 DAL DLRS Lease $5,500 90,179 Below RED 8G Auto
    03/03/04 DALLAS Regular $7,600 90,382 Below RED 8G Auto
    02/24/04 ST LOUIS Regular $7,600 90,619 Below SILVER 8G 5-speed
    02/19/04 MISS Lease $7,900 91,191 Below BLACK 8G 5-speed
    02/25/04 HRSNBURG Lease $8,700 92,446 Below RED 8G 5-speed
    02/09/04 MICHIGAN Lease $7,000 103,682 Below GREEN 8G 5-speed
    02/19/04 CLANTON Lease $6,500 127,689 Below WHITE 8G 5-speed

    Hope this will help. :)
  18. Great posts guys

    Great replies guys. What you are saying is completely true, Stone. They came back with 6800.00, I figure I can get them to 7800, which I condsider the fair price on the ride. We are 3000.00 apart, and it's my turn to play.

    Thx for the AUCTION prices, you guys rock. I knew my car would go to auction before I ever made an offer, now I know what they need for the deal to be worth it to them. If they'll go $7800.00 on mine, they will make $500-1000 at auction, which is probably the minimum they would be interested in.

    I'm working the deal from both sides though, there is still financing to consider. They are offering 4's, if I can find a loan for 3.5% or less, I think I can get Ford Financing under it. Any leads there? Anybody finance and want a commission?

    Mystic, the Mach is Oxford White with black trim. It's the only color I will own based on a life-long obsession with a certain '82GT with a similar paint scheme. Anybody remember that one? That's when I fell for the Stang.
  19. Paid $26K Flat, and still don't regret it

    I don't know what kind of area you are in, but a lot depends on the mustang mania in your area. North Carolina seems to have a lot of mustangs on the road, and I lived in Fort Worth for a while, there were a ton of stangs in Texas. This may translate to dealer confidence in that he can get what he wants from somebody. My sticker was $29.6K + Tax and Title. I got the 3K rebate and worked for 3 hours to get this guy to eat the tax and drop a measly $600. Maybe they saw me drooling under the hood or just knew that I was going to get the car one way or the other. The long and short of it is that if they only have a few, they are going to be proud. Test drive it good, I drove a red that had some weird stuff going on with the throttle body or the plenum...the one we bought has been great.

    The Bee

    2004 Shadow Gray Mach 1
    2002 True Blue S-281 #382 (tan vert)
  20. Thx BEE, there are only two other Machs on the lot, red and blue. I have not test-driven it yet on purpose; I wanted to buy time to determine the market, on the Mach, on my GT, and interest rates, before I FEEL the car. I fired up the motor and took it through some different revs, everything sounds good. I'll definately drive before I buy, but not before I'm sure the right deal is in place.

    I'm firm now on all but the interest rate, I'll know that tomorrow after I make some calls. There is an '04 Cobra in white on another lot that I'll make a move on, if needed, but I let the salesman know the Mach is my 1st choice. His attitude is still a little lame in that he hasn't tried hard enough to make the sale.

    If we can get a little better in all areas, it will be a trip to an unnamed stretch of pavement for some 0-105-0MPH action. If it holds up without breaking or shaking something loose, it's as good as sold. :spot: