Mach 1 What people paying for a new '04 Mach1?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by BurlyStang, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. Enjoy, it's a bad machine!
  2. Sorry I just got back to you. I got my 03 for 23500 out the door. sold my gt seperately and got 1600 for mods after paying it off lol... Great choice and mach on

  3. Air intake kicks in at 80 mph.
  4. Our shaker doesn't do jack but give fresh air. But, when you give the 32V all of the air it needs, we make bigtime HP and torque. I can't attest to 80+MPH, because I hit that speed mostly on accident, and I'm not paying attention to howl or intake pressure. I'm making sure I don't hit something :D
  5. I'm 99.9% sure that it starts sucking air @ 80mph.
  6. I'm looking at a competition orange Mach1 stickered for right at $29k What can I take it for without factoring in the money I'm putting down, about $7k. How low can I get my payments? My parents will co-sign with me.
  7. Call Long McArthur Ford in Salina KS, they have an 04 Comp Orange 5 speed that will be under 25k. They told me they could meet me in Witcha, so fly in and drive it home. They said it was used with 180 miles on it and the buyer couldn't afford the payment. I don't know if it's been registered yet so they may deal some off a new one you'll just have to check.

    Here's someone to email for information:

    Amy Tunison
    > Business Development Center
    > Long McArthur Inc.
  8. Big thanks on the heads up, if I can't get the deal I want here I'll give them an email :flag:

  9. Yo Phoenix, don't buy your plane ticket yet. Go to the dealership, ask a salesman for the keys, start the motor, take it through a few revs, make sure it sounds good, then shut it off. DO NOT drive it, trust me on this one. Tell him you want to sign an Offer Sheet.

    WHEN he tries to get you to stick around 'and talk' to either him or his boss, The Sales Manager, tell him you gotta go back to work, and then ask politely, "Where is that offer sheet? I gotta go".

    Write $24,000.00, and your phone number, then walk. Don't even think about giving that Mach another look until they call you. When they do, YOU have them. Good luck!
  10. it's a little late to turn down the test drive, at the time though I made it clear that the GT was first on the list, even after we got back. I'll let my dad deal with the haggling, he deals with lawyers all day at his job so I think he's got some good bargaining skills :D
  11. They have them up for sale a mccarville ford on long island for 25,999 this includes rebates. the have about 15 of them
  12. If you are SERIOUS about owning one, Pollard has an '04 Competition Orange that has set on the lot since I bought mine in March. They're the guys who cut my good deal. Just a headsup. Come to Dolaca when you get one :D
  13. depending on how it goes today we may do that. Thanks for the help guys, wish me luck :D
  14. Just checking in.

    It is 2014, The Mach is 10 years old now and only has 50K on the odo:) 50K HARD miles:uzi: I still love it and I'm keeping it. It's been paid off for a while and now my eye is on that Boss 302, too bad the payment equals a house payment. Anyways, I have a workmate looking to get into the 2005+ Stang game and came online to do a little research. Cudo's to Ford for bringing back the 302, and giving it bawls. I just might put some skin in that game.....