what performance options do you think the 3.8 needs

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  1. as we all know the 3.8 is made to be an everyday car , not a race car , but if you have one and your like me , you want your everyday car to still be at least a little bit on the performance side , , but that's kinda of hard to do with the short list of available mods , and doing any major engine work just isnt worth it , but for instance a better intake and throttle body would be nice , seeing as the v8s have so many throttle bodys to choose from it would sure be nice if we had just one other option when it came to how big our intake is , most people would say to just totally eliminate the problem of a small intake and just supercharge it , which is probably the best solution , its quite out of the budget and requires more mechanical skill than most have , ive gone over and over in my head what options i have for more power , and im not particularly fond of any of them , except maybe a bama tuner , and an h pipe of course , but other then that their really isnt much for power , at least not that ive seen
  2. Limited slip differential., good shifter if a manual transmission, get some 17" wheels, put 13" cobra brakes up front, tint the windows, good stereo...call it a day.

    Do mod that will make the car fun to drive. Installing an intake? What that really get you? 5HP if you are lucky? Exhaust systems get obnoxious over time. Trust me, plenty of times driving my '03GT i swore to myself i wish i left the exhaust stock.

    Limited slip has it's uses, especially in starting from a stop.

    Good shifter, self explanitory,

    17" wheels offer good handling, without too much sacrifice in ride quality.

    13" brakes really do make the car fun to drive because you can STOP on demand. You wouldn't think that was fun, until you are behind the wheel of a car with good brakes

    tint/stereo....cuz you want to enjoy driving.

    And thats all i do. These other mods do create power, but unless you are willing to really put some money into the car and engine, is spending $1K or more worth it for 20HP? That's why i suggest mods that make the car fun to drive for you, vs pouring money into a car for minimal gains.

    i suggest the same thing to V8 guys who want to buy a CAI and pulleys and other expensive, but minor mods. If you are only going to do a few bolt ons, I suggest "fun" mods vs chasing some HP number
  3. check americanmuscle.com they have a lot of performance stuff for v6 stangs
  4. I ran mine with power pulleys, a chip, real dual exhausts (with an X pipe) air intake, aluminum flywheel and an 8.8, 3.73 in it. With a 75 shot it ran 14.38 at 97 mph with the guy granny shifting.
  5. what kind of a gain did you notice from the chip ? ^
  6. Well we changed it to run on 91 octane and then ran another chip for the NO2. On the street you would probably only maximize it to run on the 91. I would do the air intake then the exhaust then the chip to maximize the other changes. Call this guy 727 657 2956 ( Brian) and tell him you want a v6 chip like Rob ran in his autocross car. If he doesn't get back with you PM me and I'll kick him in the balls.
  7. well i really cant afford one just yet , im really just lookin to get all my lost torque back , when i swiped the exhaust i lost alot of torque like alot!! if someones in the passenger seat it slows my car down and eats lots of fuel thats how bad it is , but if its just me and ive got the overdrive off it runs like a top if you punch it , and also theirs that :poo:ty low end drone , i dont know if it really goes slower when you hear that low drone or if its just me but it feels like theirs just no power their at all , im not really lookin to shave seconds off my quarter mile as much as i am just trying to have suitable ride thats not a chore to drive
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  8. On my 01' V-6 5 speed car I have the following mods: Magnaflow cat-back, I am VERY happy with this exhaust system, sounds like a stock V-8. Underdrive crank pulley, Steeda cold air kit, Accufab 70mm throttle body, had to radius the inlet to get a good smooth transition, as the 70mm t-body is a bit bigger than the stock intake manifold opening. also installed were a SCT tune, a noticeable improvement, supposed to be 20 HP and 19 lb/ft torque improvement. Installed a Trac-Lock rear diff. Now both tires leave black marks! Maximum Motorsports subframe connectors, H&R springs, lowered the car about 1-1/2", also installed QA1 caster camber plates and bumpsteer kit at the same time. Also installed UPR rear lower control arms. Installed Boyd Coddington 17X8 front wheels with 225/45/17 and 18X10 rear with 275/40/18 Nitto 555. Performed a "grill delete" and installed a Mach 1 chin spoiler. And lastly I changed all of the fluids to synthetic and installed fresh spark plugs, fuel filter, cleaned the fuel injectors, replaced serp belt ect. I am very pleased with the results. I regularly pull 32+mpg at 70mph on the highway, and I can leave some black marks on the pavement if I choose. The car currently has 145K miles on it and still runs like a top and looks great. Edit: forgot to add that I swaped out the stock cloth front seats with Leather seats out of a GT, much more comfortable.
  9. The 01 also has about 30 more HP than his car because of the heads, intake, which is also a worthwhile swap.