Suspension What products to use??

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by pudgy2342000, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. So I would like to upgrade my suspension. My rear lower control arms are shot and the noise is driving me crazy. I've seen so many options on whats out there. So I'm trying gather thoughts, opinions and reviews on what people here have used. I don't drag the car but don't baby it either. Basically I have no problem punching it at the green and I take fast corners. I want to upgrade the rear lower/upper control arm, front and rear sway bars, rear shocks and front struts. I have no desire to lower the car. Bushings must have grease fittings. Let me know!!
  2. For all bushings, I like Prothane and they have grease channels (assume that is the same as a fitting). For control arms, which I am now looking to upgrade, I am looking in to the Steeda chromoly line up. Steeda because I have 3 other of their products and know their quality and chromoly because its super light weight yet strong. To be honest, you are going to save weight with any after market control arms. I do not own any of their product but I know BMR has a great reputation for suspensions/chassis stiffening parts as well.
  3. The options are endless. There are two pieces of general info required before folks begin to toss out brand names... what kind of performance are you looking for and how large is your wallet.

    It's also helpful to know how good you are with tools, whether you have access to these tools' and whether you have a work area.
  4. Why "must" the bushings have grease fittings? I love the CHE units and so do all the customers I've sold them to.